How did you get accepted into Texas A&M University?

What was your high school gpa, class rank , and act score? I have a 3.5 GPA and made a 27 on the ACT what do you think my chances are at getting in?

More importantly what’s your class rank?

I am top 15%

I think you have a pretty good shot as long as you have decent extracurriculars, volunteering etc. but if you are a junior get that ACT up to a 30 and you are guaranteed a spot at A&M. You won’t have to worry at all then.

3.02 (UW) and 3.61 (W)
Top 26 percent
1300 SAT
Accepted to Engineering
Accepted to Honors

But I applied super early . It all depends when you apply.

GPA: 97/100 Weighted
Top 7 percent
1430 SAT
Accepted to Engineering
Accepted to Honors

@lessonwitch2 you keep changing your stats on this board, at one point - 30 ACT & top 25% and now you’re not? You don’t list your ACT score, just another SAT…different from the past. It isn’t helpful to others when you post different stats like this.

@AGmomx2 Yes, I took the sat in dec and that was my score, and my ACT didn’t have a high enough english score for auto admissions so in comparison my SAT score was my highest score, according to admissions.

@lessonwitch2 then how did your class ranking change?

Also you must have a lot of EC’s because you have an extremely low GPA and SAT score to be considered for A&M Engineering and Honors.

My class rank was not updated to my AIS (I applied before it could get updated for Engineering Review)

Well, my schools valedictorian only has a 3.4 (UW) and a 4.1 (W) so i don’t think they put too much weight into that factor. And now that I think about it I had a lot of EC’s. I was in Academic Decathlon (State finalist 2 times), a film production club (worked on several feature films), technology student association(national finalist), dance, animation club, marching band, started some clubs, lead my youth group, and all of them required a lot of hours each week.

BUT I think what really sold me was how I took engineering classes over the summer and held a 4.0 after 36 hrs because in almost all of my essays I emphasized it toward the end. If your application showed some kind of proof that you will succeed in your major, the university will take that into consideration.

*BUT I think what really sold me was how I took engineering classes over the summer *

What classes or program did you do? Also, yea you had some pretty strong EC’s.

I don’t think my EC’s sold me because they are so scattered around everywhere and have very little in common. Only Ac Dec, film(kinda) and TSA were relevant to my major.

I took some Gen Eds along with College Algebra, Pre Calc, Calc 1, Chem 1, Chem 2(No lab), ENGR Modeling 1, ENGR Modeling 2, CSCI Java 101, C++ 101