how did you land your internship.

<p>Through company websites or campus interview?</p>

<p>Parents :)</p>

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<p>Alumni connection. Applied to 30 places, got a bunch of interviews, but only one panned out and it happened to be the one with the alumni connection.</p>

<p>I worked as a secretary in a high rise part-time and let it be known to everyone that I was interested in interning in the political field. One woman I spoke to was best friend's with one of my state's legislative senators and decided to call her friend on my behalf. A week later, I was interning as a 17 year old in HS with a college senior.</p>

<p>cold calling millions of places millions of times until i got lucky once.</p>

<p>My school's Career Services has a website where companies can post internships and jobs. The internship offer I took was listed there. Another I found on craiglist, I got it but took the other one.</p>

<p>I get mine from websites. I mostly only look for government stuff though.</p>

<p>went to a career fair at my school. got called for a interview 3-4 months later. got the job.</p>

<p>career fairs at my school and motivation. i kept applying, got one at the air and space museum in DC, met a guy who works at a think tank in DC and he scored me an internship there. </p>

<p>double whammy!</p>

<p>Student Conservation Association - The</a> SCA - Student Conservation Association | Conservation Begins Here</p>

<p>Places thousands of paid, AmeriCorps interns with conservation and park agencies across the United States. Internships include anything you can think of: field biological research, park rangers, media development, environmental education, etc.</p>

<p>I found the internship on my school's major-specific internship spreadsheet, and I applied to the company online. I got a call, had a good interview and accepted the job :)</p>

<p>Does internship mean that you want to be paid? Either way, just send emails to professors with some of your credentials and offer to show your transcript. I got a volunteering opportunity in a biochemistry lab in a state university. It's a bit harder to get a paid internship, but my friend happened to email a professor who needed a new dishwasher (Unfortunately the first day he went, he has to wash dishes for almost 2 hours :P).</p>

<p>I found My Internship from networking and building connections while I was in college.</p>

<p>A professor I had done research for previously sent my resume to the company when she heard they were looking for an intern.</p>


<p>University career center</p>

<p>One of the best source to land an internship is through your school's Career Center. Also make sure you attend the Career Fairs as well. The Fall Career Fair usually come about a month after school starts and a lot of students will miss that because it happens too soon.</p>

<p>My daughter participated in a high school internship during her senior year. She was asked to return as a paid intern the summer after she graduated from high school. She has already been invited to work during the school year and next summer. So, I guess my answer is that you can find an internship while you are still in high school.</p>

<p>DD got paid internship after HS sophomore year. Heard about program thru school. This year she is paid admin ass't for the internship program at 1/2 hours for double pay, but two weeks more so she is earning more altogether. She plans to return next summer and for summers during college through the Inroads internship program because a couple of managers have said they want her, so placement won't be a problem which I understand is a general complaint re Inroads.</p>

<p>I borrowed my friend's career account from a college in the region where I wanted to intern. I applied through an e-mail listed on the posting.</p>