How did you meet your current girlfriend/boyfriend?

<p>How did you meet your most recent girlfriend/boyfriend? </p>

<p>How did you get the ball rolling? What did you guys start a conversation around? What were the two of you doing? ETC ETC</p>

<p>I stalked him for 3 months. I even bribed his roomate to let me in their room and take some of my crush's clothes, so i can wear them. It got a little weird when he noticed me wearing his highschool letterman jacket. One day, he came to talk to me, he was very serious about me leaving him alone, but i convinced him to give me a chance.</p>

<p>We met through a mutual friend. I was going to community college and was lonely, so a buddy of mine that I had known since middle school invited me up to hang out at his dorm and meet some of his friends. It was me, my old friend, two other girls, and my boyfriend to be. We played apples to apples. He made megaman jokes and was wearing neon blue pants like from a track suit, and I was wearing happy bunny fleece pj pants and a ninja turtle shirt. He was immediately smitten because I said I played World of Warcraft and apparently liked ninja turtles, and he asked me to come back the next week so he could make me dinner. He changed his facebook status immediately to "in a relationship" and I made fun of him behind his back. He got a second date because I really liked the food he cooked the first time. After a month I decided he was pretty cool after all. It was all rather strange, really. lol</p>

<p>We met in a bar and had sex first, then dated. I find it eliminate all expectations in a relationship.</p>

<p>One day my friends and I were farking around and one of my friends kicked me and ran off. I went after him and flew up in the air, Bruce Lee style, and tried to land my foot on his behind. Only thing...I missed him and kicked my soon to be girlfriend. I made it clear how sorry and embarrassed I was... and she was really cool about it. Loved her sense of humor and apparently started dating without even knowing. Been 3 1/2 years now. </p>


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<p>We met through a mutual friend. I came back to my dorm drunk on a Saturday night and saw one of my friends rooms open. Went in and chatted up with his female friend. About ten minutes in, one of the guys on our floor asks my friend, the girl and I if we wanted to hit up a party. I didn't want to but the girl egged me on to join them, so I did. Get to the party and just labor a beer for like 20 minutes before the girl and I decide just to go back to my friends room to mess around on his computer. We mess around there for an hour or two and then she wants to check out my room. Go back to my room and she asks if she can crash there for the night and I say sure. Still pretty drunk, I dry humped the hell out of her in the hopes that she'd let down her guard. Unfortunately, she was stone cold sober so I got nothing out of her that night. We just ended up spooning and talking for the rest of the night. Funny, at one point I made her laugh and then she was like 'man, you're such a great guy.' Most random comment ever. Anyway, we wake up pretty late in the morning and I dry hump her again and she finally relents and blows me. After she's done, I tell her that I have stuff to do and that I need her to leave within the hour. She then gets dressed and leaves immediately in a semi-mad state. Definitely couldn't been less of a dbag about the situation, but whatever.</p>

<p>On Wednesday, I facebook her telling her I wanted to hang out w/ her, but this time sober and maybe we could catch a lunch sometime. She calls me later that day and things just sorta worked out.</p>

Most random comment ever. Anyway, we wake up pretty late in the morning and I dry hump her again and she finally relents and blows me.


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<p>he lived in the room across the hall from me. friends first, hooked up drunk, hooked up sober, living happily ever after.</p>