How did you meet your wife/spouse?

<p>Let's hear some love stories here =)</p>

<p>On a blind date!
(And we'll be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year.)</p>

<p>Met in college in Organic Chem class. She was easy to spot, since there were only three girls in the class. She didn't notice me for while longer - she was arguing with one of the other girls and came over and asked me, as a sort of tie-breaker, what answer I had put for a certain problem on an exam. Fortunately, my answer both agreed with hers and turned out to be the correct answer.</p>

<p>We did not go directly from organic chemistry to dating. The relationship stayed scientific a while longer. The next semester I was taking Entomology and needed to work on my collection for the lab portion of the course. To get an A on the collection it needed to include at least 15 orders and 80 families of insects, which is a lot. She helped out by going out insect collecting with me on Saturday mornings.</p>

<p>From insects we finally progressed to real dating. Married 34 years. I recommend insects as the basis for a stable marriage.</p>

<p>He was the goofy kid in 7th or 8th grade English class who snapped girl's bra straps when he sat behind them.</p>

<p>We didn't date until half way through college. Fortunately, he had outgrown the bra-snapping stuff.</p>

<p>Coureur: That's an amazing love Bug romantic story!</p>

<p>Midmo...that's a cute and industrial story.</p>

<p>My H loves to read and at the end of a working day he used to stop by my office to discuss novels such as "One Hundred Years of Solitude” of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.</p>

<p>So his occasionally visits to talk about books called my attention...and finally I felt in love.</p>

<p>DH was a school counselor at the time, and I was a school psychologist. He kept sending referrals to me for consultations. </p>

<p>Once we finally started dating, my workload became more manageable. </p>

<p>We are coming up on 25 years this May.</p>

<p>He was a purser on a cruise ship. I was a passenger. (cue "Love Boat" music.....)</p>

<p>Theater...he was the stage manager and I was the house manager.</p>

<p>In a bar! Neither of us is much of a drinker, but were there with friends and the rest is history. This year will mark our 28th wedding anniversary. Guess we're the exception to the advice our moms espoused---you know what I mean---Relationships that begin in bars never seem to work out.</p>

<p>In a supermarket. She, "How can I help you?". Me, "I am sorry. I don't speak English". She rolled her eyes. Must have thought, weird, didn't you just speak English? I kept coming back to the same store and learning more vocabs until it was long enough to ask her to walk over to the McDonald across the street for a cup of coffee. There, in my most pathetical language translation, I said "I am so sick of you". She rolled her eyes even higher, turned red face. But she understood what I meant the next week. The rest is history -- two kids, one huge mortage, two car loans, many more language misunderestimates :-)</p>

<p>Such cute stories!
H and I met on a street corner in NYC at 1AM. We'll be together 24 years this spring.</p>

<p>jvtDad, that's hilarious! "I am so sick of you." What a beautiful way to express your love! :D</p>

<p>My wife and I met at our fast-food job. She seemed very serious and never talked to anyone. Not shy, just completely focused on work. I was a good worker, too, but also a goofball who loved attention.</p>

<p>One day I was singing the Oscar Mayer song for no reason. ("I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener, then everyone would be in love with me.") And she said her first words to me: "Mike [the manager] is a wiener, and nobody likes him." Naturally, I was smitten.</p>

<p>We went on to build a relationship around passionate arguments about everything that ticks us off, including but not limited to each other, and 22 years later (18 of them married), we're still having passionate arguments every day about every conceivable thing. (That probably sounds bad, but I don't mean it that way. It keeps the fire burning!)</p>

<p>Valentine's Day Fraternity-Sorority Dinner - he invited me to help him wash dishes after (his house job) . 36 years later he still (usually) washes the pots</p>

<p>H and I met on a blind date 24 years ago. Happily married more or less for almost 23 years.</p>

<p>We met at a Bar Mitzvah-- we were both 13! Sat at the same table and threw rolls at each other! We even have a copy of the table photo-- now married almost 22 years!</p>

<p>ahh, i love these stories! <3 too cute :]</p>

<p>Me and H first "met" in the emergency room, where I was a resident and he was a medical student, but he was "smitten" when he heard me respond to someone complaining about my smoking in the break room (yikes!). That was 1986.</p>

<p>IMO how people meet, isn't as important or as romantic as what they do to stay together- but Lust at First Sight, makes for a better movie.</p>

<pre><code> It was the end of August, I was almost 19 and didn't have anything to do, so when a girl who was a year younger in my larger circle of friends ,wanted someone to go to the city with her on a Friday afternoon, I said sure, cause I was up for an adventure.

<p>She had an old Buick and she thought that her boyfriend who lived in Seattle ( we were in the burbs) would have some ideas of what to do on a summer evening. However when we went to his house in a planned community from the 1950's , no one was home & unfortunately we only got a few houses away before the car stalled .</p>

<p>This was long before cell phones ;), I didn't really have any money with me, and while I knew a tiny bit about cars, I didn't know anything about her particular car or what it was prone to doing ( Neither apparently, did she).</p>

<p>We approached the home we were stalled in front of to use the phone and all of our good karma we had ever accumulated paid off, big time. :)</p>

<p>A very friendly couple of retirement age answered the door , and the man insisted on looking at the car himself. His wife gave us cookies and milk while we were waiting- and he diagnosed it as a broken fan belt. We didn't have enough money to get it towed, I was past the point of wanting an adventure and just wanted to go home, but " Mr Stever", not only offered to go get a fan belt but to install it as well and " Debbie" who apparently got through life imposing on people without realizing it, took the opportunity.</p>

<p>( Good thing they looked more like Ozzie and Harriet than Frank N. Furter and Riff Raff)</p>

<p>So we sat back, more milk , more cookies ( I think they even offered to give us dinner- what sweet people) and soon the car was fixed and we were on the road again. I expected we would go back home to Kirkland, but Debbie was more determined than ever to meet up with her boyfriend (whom I had never met). So we headed to a local waterfront park where apparently teenagers liked to congregate.</p>

<p>It was getting dark by this time, and the parking lot was jam packed- it seemed that some " street drag races" were going on. She promised we would drive through the parking lot and then leave, but it was so crowded, that when she actually found a place to park she pulled in, so we could watch.</p>

<p>It was certainly turning out to be an adventure and while I had seen kids race on rural roads, this was almost an American Graffiti type experience- with the tricked out muscle cars in the lot. We worked our way to the curb to watch the cars ( & the people), and I noticed two young men crossing the street in front of us, one of them who wasn't my type at all ( he was about 5'8" & blond, my boyfriends were usually about 6' and dark), caught my eye for some reason.</p>

<p>The race was about to start, and Debbie whipped out her camera to take a picture of the driver. The two guys I had noticed, came over to admonish her about flash bulbs in the drivers face ( and introduce themselves ;) ). </p>

<p>After the police came to break up the race, I thought we finally could go home, but her car also seemed to have needed a battery or an alternator, because it wouldn't start and then she flooded the engine*" our new best friends* were keeping an eye on us it seems, and came over to offer " Brads" AAA insurance to jump the car.</p>

<p>While Debbie and Brad waited for the tow truck, "Rocky" and I talked and looked at the boats in the Marina next door.</p>

<p>We will be married 29 years this spring, and we have lived in the general neighborhood of the park where we met since 1981.</p>

<p>^^^ But do not try this at home! Always have a cell phone, have money to get home, and tell your friends where you are going.</p>

<p>At a Math League competition (where many nerd romances begin) - I baked brownies for my team and he had the nerve to come over and ask for one : ) Became friends after that but did not start dating seriously until after college.</p>

<p>Holy Cow, EK4--surely that romance was meant to be!</p>