How did you or do you succeed at the academy or trying to get in?

<p>Exacatly what the title says. How did you succeed to get into the academy, what was a typical night like during school and practice and all of that? How did you find time to study and all the other things?</p>

<p>For people trying to get in: what is a typical night like, how busy is your schedule etc....</p>

<p>During my HS years, I took the hardest classes I could (for the most part). During my tennis season, I usually got home around 5:30. I would have dinner at six, then nap until about 7:30. Then, I would do homework until 9 or 10. I'd get about 6 hours of sleep, then repeat.</p>

<p>The important things here are to prioritize and manage your time well. I prioritize well, but am still working on time management.<br>
Those who can manage their time well, make their lives a lot easier and find time to do some cool stuff as well.</p>

<p>AFAbound, what does your schedule look like this year? Right now I have 6 AP classes, run cross country, am president of my class and NHS, and have a part time job. Sometimes it feels like a lot but I know I can get through it because pretty much everything I do right now is geared towards getting me into the academy. It's encouraging to talk with other USAFA hopefuls because it's a reminder of why I'm working so hard.</p>

<p>Raimius, what time do you usually get to bed at the academy? Do you spend a lot of your time on the weekends getting ahead in your classes? Are you physically and mentally exhausted at the end of each day? Do you have your own workout routine that you do every morning?</p>

<p>Man where to start
6 AP's
Cross Country
Civil Air Patrol
President of German Club
Student Council Officer
Volunteer on weekends wherever
Work Part time
Tutor People
Then I work out everyday for about an hour and a half
It gets tight for time. Im terrible about time management. Im good at prioritizing, like right now I could be doing homework but I dont start until about 9 and get to bed at 2 or 3 , its terrible. I need help lol</p>

<p>That sounds familiar. I have been working on prioritizing better and using my time whenever I can because I have heard that things are way easier at USAFA if you know how to use your time. I'm trying to develop good habits now but sometimes it's harder than it sounds. Like right now, I should be doing my homework, but I get distracted...</p>

<p>Senior year (very similar to Junior year in time consumed)
6:45 Wake up
7:10 Drive to school
7:30 school starts
7:30-12:40 classes (AP Bio, AP Physics C, AP Calculus BC, AP Comp Sci AB, AP Econ (1st sem, 2nd sem was AP Gov't)
Mon and Wed - 1:00-4:00 Internship at an engineering firm
Tues and Thurs - 1:00-2:40 Block AP English (double period)
Friday - 1:00-2:40 PACE (Professional Advancement through career education) then AP English, each one period.
Mon and Wed - Home at 4:30
Tues, Thurs, Fri - 2:50-4 or 5, work as a database manager, primary advertisement design, and customer support for <a href=""&gt;;/a> and <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>At home, usually watch TV and eat for an hour or two.
Start homework at around 7:00. Stall doing homework while messing around, going to Star bucks, TV, etc till around 11. Play on computer or do more homework till 1:00AM. </p>

<p>Sleep about 5 hours.</p>

<p>Saturday morning - ~9 till 12:30 teaching Taekwondo classes and running our demonstration team's practice.</p>

<p>That's typical high school day, little sleep, lots of work to do.</p>

<p>Typical AF day:
5:30 Wake up (5:00 every 3 business days for garbage duties)
6:00 till 6:15 Call minutes (I am the lead minutes caller every week, so I announce when to call, every 5 minutes, and I stand next to the CQ desk)
6:30-7:00 Breakfast</p>

<p>M days
7:00-8:50, in my room doing hw, e-mail, this.
9:00-11:00 Chemistry 222 (with Raimius)
11:25-13:00 Lunch (mon,thurs,fri noon meal formation, tues Cadet professional military education class (CPME) then straight to lunch, wed is parade)</p>

7:00-11:10 classes (Engineering 100, Math 253 calc 3, Comp Sci 110H, Japanese 221)
11:25-13:00 Lunch (mon,thurs,fri noon meal formation, tues Cadet professional military education class (CPME) then straight to lunch, wed is parade)
13:20-14:35 Boxing (Until Oct 10th, only 8 lessons)</p>

<p>All days:
13:00-16:35 Unless boxing, run errands (hair cut, cadet store, mail, etc), homework, relax.
16:35-19:10 required in squadron, sometimes we train (once every two weeks) otherwise get ahead on homework, relax, e-mail, help others out.
19:10-TAPS (23:00) Academic Call to Quarters (ACQ), doors closed, allowed to sleep, time for academics.
21:30-22:00 go to bed</p>

<p>Usually sleep for 7-8 hours a night.
usually at least 3 or more days ahead on homework. right now I am one week ahead. </p>

<p>Basically, I'm much more relaxed and less stressed here, as I have said numerous times before. I have validated about 25 credit hours (below), and because I worked my bum off in HS, I am much better off here.</p>

chem 141, 142.
math 141, 142
biology 215
english 111
Unarmed Combat 1 and 2
Japanese 131, 132</p>

<p>On another note, BCT does a lot for your work mentality. The fact that our only break was for 6 hours one saturday to be with a sponsor (and maybe our one day at the airfield) really improved my work ethic. Everyday was another work day, only break was services on friday night and sunday morning or evening. So, I get fidgety now if I'm not being productive, so I get so much work done and can relax A LOT on weekends. If you don't have the habit coming here, don't worry so much, you'll pick it up in BCT. :) I did.</p>

<p>Right now my days consist of:</p>

<p>6:30 Wake up.
6:45 cook and eat breakfast.
7:30 leave for school.
8:00-3:00 School
3:00-7:00 (Monday and Thursday) Band Rehearsal
3:00-8:30 (Tuesday) Band Rehearsal
3:00-11:00 (Friday) Band rehearsal and Football Game
7:00-8:00 Eat supper.
8:00-Midnight Homework, exercise, or relaxing if I'm done.</p>

<p>Saturdays I get up around 7:00 and am at band from around 9:00 AM until 2-4 AM the next morning depending on how far away the competitions are.</p>

<p>Sundays I go to church, eat, go to orchestra rehearsal, eat and go back to church. If I have time I do some homework.</p>

<p>-Wake up around 7 AM
-School starts @ 7:45
-Classes until 14:40 on some days, out at 13:00 on others.
-When out at 13:00, I may go to the library and study, or I may go get in a light 6-8 mile run.
-15:00 to 18:00- Cross Country Practice with team
-18:30-19:30-Relax/get ready for the next day
-19:30to 23:00-Hw/study

<p>Wow, you guys get up late. :P</p>