How did you travel out of state?

<p>So how did you travel to an out of state college? Airplane, bus, car?</p>

<p>We drove to all the college visits. One of the drives was 12 hours long :|</p>

<p>I visited all the universities by train, max distance was like 3 hours. Yay Western Europe. :D</p>

<p>My mom and I drove to the one OOS college visit I made. It would've been too expensive to fly, and I really dislike flying anyway.</p>

<p>Driving. </p>

<p>Though I've learned that it really sucks when EVERYONE ELSE is trying to drive home on the holidays, causing major traffic on the INTERSTATE. -_-</p>

<p>My one and only college visit was to the college I'm at right now, half way around the world by plane, -after- I was accepted and enrolled. You American residents had it lucky with college touring :P</p>

<p>I'm not sure if you mean for college visits or actually attending. I drove for both, but especially attending. 900 miles but worth it for not having to ship my stuff</p>

<p>I drove. Not looking forward to Christmas break... 500 miles home!</p>

<p>For all my college visits, we drove, up to 13 hours, except for one audition day that I went on a plane. To the college I attend now, which is 500 miles from home, I took a plane for Thanksgiving and am doing the same for Christmas. Some years, we might drive for Christmas break since it is a long break, but I'm pretty sure I'll always be flying for Thanksgiving, spring break, and the week in between 2nd semester and May term, and fall break if I go home for that next year (didn't this year because fall break is so short).</p>

<p>Flying. After doing more than 6 cross country trips, I can say I've seen enough to be able to simply fly.</p>

<p>I just finished all my campus visits. Anything more than like 3 hr drive i flew and if u go alone or w/ one parent its not too expensive. I recommend flying as its alot faster and more comfortable. Ur about to spend up to hundreds of thousands on tuition, soo whats a few grand for some flights to get everything done quickly and less stressful?</p>

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<p>I flew. 2 suitcases is plenty for clothes and personal items, and I did most of my college shopping locally after I arrived. With one exception: bedding I ordered online and had it shipped to my college address, where it was waiting for me when I moved in. </p>

<p>The shop-after-you-arrive strategy also saved some students from overpacking!</p>

<p>I forgot to say we drove for move-in day and will for move-out day also, but flying home for other times.</p>

<p>I travel very</a> fast:</p>

<p>im not there yet, but</p>

<p>First choice: train, bus, or plane</p>

<p>For freshman move-in, I drove 20 hours. For senior move-out, I will also drive. Every time in between I expect to fly.</p>