How Different Are Lefties?

<p>In our family of four we all are lefties with the exception of our S1.
Boy, was that fun trying to teach a rightie how to tie his shoes!! I wasthisclose to buying velcro sneakers ;)</p>

<p>S2 & DH use the claw method to write. I dont "claw", nor turn my paper upside down and I've often been complimented on my handwriting.</p>

<p>We all pitch, bat, golf, scissor lefty.</p>

<p>I still remember being told as a child that left-handed people were evil. That still cracks me up. My knuckles hurt from the rulers too but I am and always will be a proud lefty!</p>

<p>Oh, and I still despise the all-in-one desk - not conducive for lefties either.</p>

<p>^How does the seating arrangement at dinner go? I am the only lefty in my home ( but my sister is also left handed), and everybody has to see where I'm going to sit so elbows don't bump.</p>

<p>I write with my left hand, throw (well I would if I had to) with my right, loved learning about two-handed tennis (a while back). I put on mascara or blush with the hand that is on the side that I am putting it on, but can use the other hand just as easily.</p>

<p>But if someone tells me to turn right or left, or to raise my right or left hand, I really have to think about it; and sometimes I get it wrong.</p>

<p>Shrinkrap I had to seat some guests formally at my dining room table, and remembered one was a lefty so placed her on her good side. She seemed appreciative and surprised.</p>

<p>Does anyone have a suggestion for a good pair of scissors? </p>

<p>Field hockey sticks are not made for left-handers, so I'm sure there are very few lefties in that sport. My son tried to play the sport in his high school gym class, and as a fairly good athlete, got pretty frustrated.</p>

<p>Fiskars makes great lefty scissors. </p>

<p>S2 is our only lefty, and he's just now getting big enough that it matters where he sits at the table. We did have a hard time teaching him to tie his shoes (but maybe that was just us).</p>

<p>Besides the handwriting issues, etc., do lefties tend to think differently? We have a lefty--the only one on both sides of our families that we can tell. I've often thought the thinking is perhaps a little different than us righties. Anyone?</p>

<p>I fall into that category of doing a little bit of both. I throw a baseball, shoot a basketball, etc right handed. I can hit either way (or can't hit either way however you want to look at it ;)). I kick a ball with my left foot. I write and eat with my left hand. The hard part for me is using scissors. I have a difficult time finding scissors that work for me and that is really bad because in athletic training, having scissors that work well is quite important. I've found a pair that works fairly well so I bought a couple pairs of that model; they're not perfect, but they work better than others.</p>

<p>Lefty here. I generally sit at a left corner spot when dining. It's just easier.
I'm not THAT old but I remember my older sister being tortured by some nun in elementary school because she also was left-handed. You know, the devil and what-not... Well, Dad who was left-handed and who also provided free medical care to the nuns found out and stormed the convent. Let's just say that when it came my turn for lefty cursive writing, the nuns thought I had the most beautiful penmanship ever!
I do everything lefty except golf!
I think my son may have a little lefty in him. His handwriting is truly atrocious but atrocious both left and right. He writes his Mandarin characters flawlessly - or so I've been told. Is Mandarin written up and down, right to left? I don't even know...</p>

<p>notredame al: I believe lefties think differently but that's only based on who I've worked with and what little I've read. Lefties have the reputation in baseball for being wacky, flaky, and definitely different. I wonder if lefties tend to be more Type B's and less Type A's?</p>

<p>Many famous artists, athletes, and comedians were lefties. Three recent presidents are also left-handed. I don't know if that helped them get elected?</p>

<p>It does seem as though scissors present one of the biggest problems for lefties in a right-handed world. </p>

<p>It should also be brought up that left-handed guitar players have to adjust to a right-handed guitar world. There is such a thing as stringing and playing a guitar backward (think Jimi Hendrix) but that causes lots of problems, too. I think they make left-handed guitars now.</p>

<p>Leonardo Da Vinci wrote from left to right because he was left handed. Also the word
"sinister" comes from the Italian word "sinistra" meaning left (handed).
My H is a leftie and plays a left handed Martin acoustic.</p>

<p>Proud lefty here.
I didn't know why I was so bad at scissor cutting all through elementary school, real torture, then in adult life found a pair of lefty scissors, aha!
A huge percentage of actors are lefty, watch when they write something on TV or in a movie. For example, the show House, lots of writing on the show, more than half or 2/3 lefty writers.
Golf and batting swings actually would be benefit to bat righty for natural leftys, the lead arm would then be stronger.
While working in a place with many Communist block emigrees, one noticed my left handed writing and was amazed, had never seen anyone using left hand to write, evidently in his country it was not allowed.</p>

<p>No lefties among the Commies??!! LOL!!</p>

<p>This is a very interesting subject! Our 5th and youngest child now in Kindergarten is our only leftie. A whole new experience for me as a parent who had to adopt new approaches to 'teaching' letter/number formation, cutting, shoe-tying, all fine and gross motor skills I never thought about until our leftie graced our lives. Our 'southpaw' is mostly leftie, soccer, baseball, basketball, is able to dribble both, but left dominates. Strange though when 'southpaw' picks up a lacrosse stick, it goes to the right shoulder. Here's a question for you lefties of driving age: what is driving like? Is it difficult to get used to the pedals?</p>

<p>I had no trouble at all learning to drive.</p>

<p>I've heard that it's harder for lefties to learn to drive a stick, but I've never tried, so I don't know if that's true or not.</p>

<p>I have noticed that I always drive with only one hand on the steering wheel, and it's usually the right hand that's on the steering wheel. But I think I learned that early on because shortly after I started driving, a good friend of mine did a gorgeous henna tattoo all over my left hand. I had to drive home while it was still wet, so I couldn't put my left hand on the steering wheel. Could have something to do with it, I suppose.</p>

<p>My children's violin teacher told me that lefties are better suited for stringed instruments since the fingering which is so important is done by the left hand. It's actually easier for them.</p>

<p>We are righties and raised 2 lefties. Besides having to address their writing styles and use of scissors, we didn't have to make any adjustments for them and they didn't raise any issues with being left handed.</p>

<p>@celtic The pedals are annoying at first, but it's not hard to adjust, just annoying. There are times when I'm stopped at a light when I'll put my left foot on the break while I wait, but it's not nearly as bad as the right-handed-scissors handicap lol</p>

<p>D1 is a leftie. She writes with her left hand, but uses scissors with her right hand. She uses chopsticks with her left hand. She was a left handed fencer, but a right handed tennis player (strong with her left hand too).</p>

<p>My research was on biological vs pathological left-handedness. I could definitely lull everyone to sleep with a discourse on the topic. BTW, we are a mix of righties and lefties in our family as well</p>