How difficult are AP English Language essays?

<p>I'm wondering how harshly the AP English Language and Composition essays are graded on the AP test. I've learned absolutely nothing from my teacher this year (he doesn't read our essays, he spends each class telling us stories about his kids) but have always considered English my best subject so I'm hoping I can do somewhat well on the exam. Based on my practice MC test score, I need sevens on all the essays to get a 4. How hard is it to get sevens on these with zero essay preparation? I've scored 5s and 6s on the AP US History and AP European History tests in the past and my issue with these was mainly that I remembered very little of the actual history, I was making the best of the very little information I knew. Please let me know how you think I might score on these and what other people you know/you have gotten on the AP Language essays. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>They actually have old essays that you can look at on collegeboard!</p>

<p>[AP:</a> English Language](<a href=“AP English Language and Composition Reading Study Skills – AP Students | College Board”>AP English Language and Composition Reading Study Skills – AP Students | College Board)</p>

<p>They’re about here some where. Probably in Studyskills: Writing. We take these same ones, I’m pretty sure, in my class and we’re Honors. Most of the people who wrote them earned 7s or 8s. I haven’t taken the last one but, I completely rushed and BSed the one before that in a library full of very noisy people and I managed to pull a 4 (this is all according to my teacher I should mention). I probably could have done better if I paid attention to what I was writing. I just had to get it turned in ASAP because I was sick the day we took it and it was the end of the semester.</p>

<p>Just make sure you’re specific and answer the question completely. Do a solid intro. but don’t make it too long because you want to focus mainly on supporting what you want to say. Make sure you’re spelling everything correctly and using the correct grammar but don’t freak out because even the test makers say they don’t mind a few mistakes! They know you’re rushed!</p>

<p>DBQs: Make sure you use the amount of sources they tell you to and you may want to throw out prior knowledge. Not sure if they actually score on that so don’t quote me on this. If they tell you to ‘analyze’ just analyze. Don’t take a side. If they tell you to take a side do that.</p>

<p>And learn some literary terms! They help a lot! I wish I could give you the PowerPoint my teacher made us but that gives away where I go to school and you need passwords and all of that.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I too am worried about the essays on Wednesday. I have gained absolutely nothing from my class this year other. I am hoping to pull 7s on all the essays–I may be able to pull a 5 if I do.</p>

<p>I found this pretty helpful link…[url=&lt;a href=“]What”&gt;What AP Readers Long to SeeÉ]What</a> AP Readers Long to See</p>