How difficult is Chem 1A/1AL at Berkeley?

I’ve never taken chemistry in high school and would like to know how difficult Chem 1A/1AL would be. I’m intending to major in MCB. Thanks in advance!

I got a B+ even though I got a 5 on the Chem AP test.
25% of people get As and 40% get Bs (even though it might technically not be curved).
It is just chemistry but you will probably have to study a bit more than everyone else and you’ll probably get a B of some sort, but Bs are okay because it’s college and no one expects you to get a 4.0. Cs get degrees is very real. College GPA only matters for one year of your life, just like high school GPA only mattered for one year of your life.

I think D also got a B+ (or a B) in 1A (only got a 3 on AP Chem test). She got an A- in OChem, though, which I thought was tougher. I asked her how she managed that: I learned to study for chem at Cal. It’s an ongoing learning process.

No one expects you to get a 4.0 (or close to it) in college other than medical schools.

Isn’t Chem 1A one the weed out courses to weed out students intending for pre-med or health professions? 25% A’s plus 40% B’s totaling 65% A’s/B’s seems high?

@UCBUSCalum Maybe, maybe not, considering at least 65% of the class, or 90% of the class will do everything what they are asked to do and usually that deserves an A in high school and some other colleges.

Pre-meds are aiming to be in the top quarter that earns A- or higher grades, since lower grades significantly reduce the likelihood of getting into any medical school.

Pre-med grading scale:

A = acceptable
B = bad
C = catastrophic
D = disastrous
F = (use your imagination)

That’s a variation on us Asian’s grading expectations B-)

A - acceptable
B - bad
C - can’t eat dinner
D - don’t come home
F - find a new family

My comment was meant to include students aspiring to get into good dental, pharmacy, optometry, nursing and occupational/physical therapy schools. Getting a couple of B’s is not as devastating as if trying to get into a good medical school.

An A- average still includes some Bs. We’re just hoping for a 3.7 or higher.