How difficult is George Mason's business school compared to James Madison's business school?

<p>Hi I'm currently a sophomore at JMU and I am considering transferring to GMU. Right now my peers have either switched majors since they realize they can't meet the GPA requirement to get into JMU's College of Business or are going into this last semester before applying blindly with no backup plan. Since I was going to have to take many business prerequisites this semester, I split up half to make it more manageable so I can get a better grade in those classes and also take the prerequisite class for another major as a backup plan. My current overall GPA is a 3.0 and my current business GPA is a 3.0, but I have yet to finish this semester and to take the two most difficult business prerequisites at JMU. I am also out of repeats that overwrite your previous grade in the class completely. I did some research and it appears that all that is necessary to get into the School of Management at GMU is a 2.0 business GPA and 2.5 overall GPA. I already have credit for some of the SOM core classes at GMU because they counted as COB prerequisites here. The two difficult prerequisites here are part of the SOM core (once you're already in) and you get three attempts to pass with a C. How difficult is the GMU SOM compared to the JMU COB to get admitted into the business school? Once you're in, how difficult is it to graduate with a degree for each school? Either way, getting a business degree at either school would likely add an additional semester so I'm starting to think GMU is the better option due to better odds and because potentially taking summer classes there would be less of a hassle.</p>

<p>dsharris93- My daughter was just admitted into JMU- COB. She was also admitted into Penn State. PSU rankings are much higher in respect to employer,recruiting, career services, etc. JMU is OOS and PSU is IS- The cost is almost equal at either school. Are you from VA? How would you rate the overall COB at JMU- and your frustrations?
Are you familiar with PSU and the Smeal COB ? </p>

<p>Yes I am from VA. I know that the COB at JMU is highly rated and getting into it would be ideal. Realistically though I think I have a better shot at GMU since it is easier to actually get into their business school and then get three tries on some of the more difficult business classes that count as prerequisites at JMU. My frustrations are mainly that I chose to go to JMU mainly due to it being the “best” school I was accepted into, but didn’t take into account the number of students and resulting level of requirements to get into the COB at JMU. It is still very possible for me to get in, but GMU would be the safer route in my opinion and since I didn’t apply to the COB for my fall semester, I’ll probably graduate at the same time at GMU as I would here. I am unfamiliar with PSU other than having a few friends who attend.</p>

<p>Any student admitted to JMU can declare any major offered by the College of Business. However, students are not formally accepted into the College of Business until certain requirements are met.
Requirements to continue pursuing a B.B.A. degree are described here.</p>

<p>Students are formally admitted into the College of Business as a B.B.A. major and permitted to register for COB 300 when the following requirements are met:
•A completed application for admission into the College of Business is submitted to the COB Academic Services Center according to the following schedule: October 1 for upcoming spring semester March 1 for upcoming summer session and fall semesters.
•All 10 lower-level B.B.A. core courses are successfully completed.
•A GPA of 2.7 in the B.B.A. lower-level core courses (excluding MATH 205) is achieved.
•Admission is granted within one calendar year of the applicant’s first application. Two applications, in consecutive semesters of enrollment, are permitted.
•The B.B.A. core GPA is calculated using grades earned in the B.B.A. lower-level core excluding calculus (MATH 205 or MATH 235). Only grades earned at JMU will be used. The university policy for calculating repeat-credit and repeat-forgive will be followed.
•Students with a 2.7 B.B.A. core GPA are assured admission into the College of Business and COB 300. Students who meet all of the requirements above but fail to achieve a 2.7 B.B.A. core GPA will be admitted to the College of Business and COB 300 based on B.B.A. core GPA, pending resource and space availability.
•Consult with the major department for further progression requirements in the specific degree programs.</p>

<p>My son went to JMU…was a business major for the first three semesters…then changed to CS. You seem to be on track to get accepted to the COB…what core COB classes do you still need? </p>

<p>Some of his friends did one or two of the COB undergrad classes at community college during the summer, and got credit for the classes, without the grades counting in their JMU cumulative average. I think you are allowed to take two classes at community college and transfer them in, not sure though, check with your advisor. </p>

<p>Transfer Credit Information for Current JMU Students
•Current/matriculated JMU students who whish to take a business course outside JMU for transfer credit to JMU must receive prior approval by completing the Office of the Registrar form titled “Permission to Take Courses for Transfer Credit”. Students should submit the permission form to the COB ASC along with a course description/syllabus. Students are strongly advised NOT to register for the course until approval has been granted.
•As a general rule, transfer credit for business courses (for matriculated students) will only be approved when the course is: 1) taken at a 4-year university; 2) taken at an AACSB school; and 3) equivalent to one taught at JMU.
•The only exceptions to the general rule are: GECON 200, ECON 201 and MATH 205. Matriculated JMU students may take these 3 courses for transfer credit at a community college with prior approval.</p>

<p>See the last three courses can be taken at community college over the summer…GECON 200, ECON 201, Math 205. You will get the course credit, and the grades won’t count towards your COB admission. You do need to pass the class, obviously, with I think at least a C?</p>