How difficult is it

<p>to get onto a Division III sports team if you haven't been recruited? Do they usually have try outs for these teams or is it only for people who've been specially handpicked beforehand? If it makes a difference, I'm interested in girls' tennis.</p>

<p>Talk to the coach. They might not announce try-outs, but I'm pretty sure they accept walk-ons, so talk to the coach and see what s/he wants you to do</p>

<p>Usually very easy. One of the benefits of competing DIII, is that you are much more likely to work out with the team and go to events. And they will almost always accept walk ons.</p>

<p>People compete in DI sports to try and go pro. People compete in DIII sports so they can actually compete and do stuff with the team.</p>

<p>I had a choice between wrestling with a DI team or a DIII team, both would have been as a walk-on. I would never had seen the mat on the DI team and probably would have been shunned aside with the B-team. In DIII we all practice together and I have been able to compete.</p>

<p>It is not that difficult, if you are dedicated and truly passionate about the sport. I walked onto the football team, and while I did sit out my entire freshman year with an injury, this past year I got a ton of playing time and even started two games. Granted, I did have to work very hard in the weight room and running wise, but there is not that big a difference between a walk-on and a recruited athlete at the DIII level. So don't be intimidated by the freshman "recruits", chances are if they were really any good they would be playing DI (no offense to other DIII athletes, but we DIIIers just aren't very good generally).</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for the replies :)</p>