How difficult is Stats 10?

<p>I was thinking of taking Stats 10 this Fall because it counts as a science GE and also because its a recommended course to take for the Public Affairs Minor. I'm not really a math person (History major here) and I haven't taken math since high school (Calculus AB). "The Staff" is teaching this fall so I have no idea how the grading will be like. But anyways, for a guy who has never been introduced to anything related to Statistics, do you think I have an alright shot of at least getting a B/B+? Hopefully A-? Or has everyone taken AP Stats already and I'm going to get blown out of the water?</p>

<p>Super easy. Do all the homework and worksheets in class, pay attention, go to office hours if you have question. It's VERY basic. I did take AP stats and it was easy for me, but it was way more basic than anything I've ever done in stats.</p>

<p>It's not really a "math" class. My professor (G. Davis) actually told my spring quarter class that the department intentionally avoids using proofs/notational form/etc with this course so they can cater to non-south campus students. For instance, she would derive a complicated formula in class, do one problem with it, and then she explained how to do it on a graphing calculator. We were never expected to know how to do it by hand like with regular math classes.</p>

<p>If you've got good reasoning skills, have good intuition (this is important), and you put in the required effort, a B+/A- is almost a given, but you'll have to work for the A. I didn't take AP Stats and I got an A so it's very doable.</p>