How Do Admissions View Programming Projects(CS Majors)

So I’m extremely into CS and I have multiple CS coding projects(websites etc.)

Since I don’t have many EC’s and Im not planning on adding much more, I was thinking of adding some of my top coding projects to my College apps, but I’m not sure how big of an impact that would have on the admission process.

Does anyone know how colleges usually view these projects, especially top 10-30 CS schools (UMD, JHU, etc.)

Thanks in advance!!

It could. It shows that you have a solid practical interest in something that the university could provide. If your grades and scores are strong, it couldn’t hurt at all. It’s an “unconventional” thing to submit, so there’s no telling which way it could go. Go for it!

Thanks for your reply!!

Im definitely trying to get good grades and test scores.

I’ll keep on coding then!!

Here’s an idea: you could help some clubs in your school develop their websites, using Weebly or Google sites, and that would also count as volunteer service.

thats true

I never thought of that

I’ll ask some clubs in my school.