How do AP exams transfer?

<p>Specifically asking about Berkeley L&S.</p>

<p>If I have passed an AP exam that Berkeley either doesn't accept or would only accept with a 5, but my community college accepts it and their course transfers, will Berkeley accept it? My understanding is that for IGETC credit it is entirely up to the community college, but what about for non-IGETC work like calc II?</p>

<p>How do colleges see credit for AP exams? Do they get the scores or is it a pass/fail kind of thing?</p>

<p>Very good question. As you noted, IGETC certification is entirely up to your CCC and the UCs will accept IGETC no matter what if your CCC approves. </p>

<p>BUT, if you are not using an AP test course for IGETC, it is up to the UC (not your CCC/current college). Meaning that the UC will only give you credit if THEY approve the score and test. Each UC has its own policy on acceptable AP tests and scores. You will have to look them up for each UC to find out.</p>

<p>They see the scores when you list them. You will however have to semd a score report for them after you are accepted and SIR. Do not report your test scores until you know exactly what you got. If you don't remember, you can call the colegeboard and ask.</p>

<p>Well now I'm more worried. I got a 4 on the BC calc exam with an AB sub-score of 5. The UC website states that L&S only counts the exam as satisfying the quantitative reasoning requirement. Does this mean I won't get credit for Calc I because I am already enrolled in Calc II. Today, I was told my score may let drop calc II and take calc III, but if Berkeley won't give credit for either is that a problem? Would passing Calc III take care of I and II? If so, would those units count towards the 60 I need to transfer?</p>

<p>Also, a very good question. For math, UCs will sometimes let higher classes validate lower ones. You will have to find out Berkeley's policy for your particular major, and for transfers. I think there's a good chance that they will let it. But, you have to call and ask them to find out for sure. Unless you can find it online somewhere.</p>



<p>At Berkeley, the subject credit for AP tests depends on your major.</p>

<p>The math department says that a 3 or higher on AB or BC allows skipping Math 1A, and a 5 on BC allows skipping Math 1A and 1B:
Advanced</a> Placement (AP) Examinations | Department of Mathematics at University of California Berkeley</p>

<p>However, the College of Engineering allows a 4 on BC to skip Math 1A and 1B:
<a href=""&gt;;/a> (page 10)</p>

<p>But the School of Business administration does not accept anything less than a 5 on BC (though if you take Math 53 or 54, that fulfills its math requirement, regardless of what you may have skipped):
Exam</a> Credit, Undergraduate Programs, Berkeley-Haas</p>

<p>If you are in doubt, contact the major department at Berkeley to check how it treats your AP credit for the purpose of subject credit against Math 1A and/or 1B.</p>