How do colleges fact check?

I am applying to the top UCs this year, and due to the pandemic, it is impossible to a proof of internship, especially since the institute doesn’t keep a record. So my question is, if they are fact check, how do I prove if the only records left is a pretty much just an email and a picture taken.

Only a small percentage of UC applicants are asked for verification of their EC’s.

If you are doing a legitimate internship through an Institute, then they do have to keep records. What kind of Internship? Your supervisor could write you a letter of participation and email it to keep your files just in case (make sure it has contact information and the Institute letterhead on the letter).

Even if you are selected for verification, they will probably more lenient due to Covid.

Its more like a research opportunity I got for a like a month. But it was oversea and i didnt bother to ask the lead researcher for something like a proof cause never expected the pandemic to happen

emails work during the pandemic. Email the lead researcher and ask him for a quick note on university letterhead stating the dates, what you did, who supervised you, and what contribution you made. Should take five minutes of the researchers time and two minutes of yours.

Your request will not come as a surprise. When you are a supervisor you are used to having to document the use of resources- funds, people, equipment-- both to track, and to make sure the project is in compliance with whatever stipulations are in the grants or funding agreements. (You can’t take junior people who are supposed to be doing lab work and make them walk your dog or wash your car).

Whether anyone checks or not-- you’ll have the letter in your file.