How do colleges look at how competitive a high school is?

Okay, so I was looking at my transcript and noticed that my school lists AP scores. They have a list of AP classes, but some of those classes are not offered at my school. Because of this, it seems like I haven’t taken some of the more rigorous classes. For example, on the list of AP scores, it lists AP Physics C with no score. This class isn’t offered at my school any more. To ask a more specific question, how do colleges gain information about the high school you attend? Is the transcript the only place they look, or is there more? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question.

Counselors send your school report along with your transcript that will have that information. It’s also your counselor who will check a box on their report about your course rigor.

Many high schools send out a school profile which lists, among other things, student demographics, SAT/ACT range, GPA range, courses offered, college matriculations, etc. Additionally many colleges divide the AO responsibilities by region, so the AO may already be familiar with the HS

You can often find your version of the school profile by searching “ profile”.

Our HS has its profile on the website for the district.