how do colleges pick students??- college diversity?

<p>what does it mean for a college to be diverse?</p>

<p>And how do colleges choose who they want? For example do colleges accept the TOP students that apply? Or do they take kids that are both on the top and bottom end of the spectrum. Because if kids that apply to harvard and say Boston College and get into both, for the same price, clearly they will take Harvard. So how do schools like BC account for student losses, do wait listed kids account for these losses? What if these kids dont take the accepts from being waitlisted? </p>

<p>How does it all work??
Im so confused can someone please help</p>

<p>What “diverse” is depends on the school’s definition. It also depends on the student; it appears that many students define “diversity” in terms of a large presence of their own racial/ethnic/religious/etc. group.</p>

<p>Admissions criteria depend on the school; see section C of each school’s Common Data Set.</p>

<p>Many private schools now consider “level of interest” and reject high stats applicants who appear to be using them as safeties, so that they can keep their yield up. Public schools usually do not consider “level of interest” and thus tend to provide better safety candidates, especially with in-state tuition discounts.</p>