How do colleges view repeats?

<p>With transcripts and everything? I will be repeating sophomore year so will they look at all five years or only my 4 most recent? Thanks</p>

<p>Bump, I’m kind of curious.</p>

<p>Bumpity bump. This is very interesting and I am VERY much interested in becoming a repeat 10th grader at Exeter. I honestly couldn’t care less, but my father would never allow me to do so. He thinks I will garner a rejection from all the “good” universities if I repeat a year. I have my interview this Saturday and I want to convince him to allow me to do so.</p>

<p>Colleges like repeats-- you’re not repeating the same classes, so it gives you an extra year to take advanced classes, learn more time management, get more experience in sports and the arts, etc. They ARE aware it’s not something most people can do financially, so it’s not something they penalize kids for if they DON’T do it. If you come into BS as a repeat freshman, you generally just send the 4 years of grades from that school. If you come in as a repeat sophomore or junior (or do a PG year), they want 5 years, since they want to see freshman grades from somewhere.</p>

<p>Colleges love 20 year old freshman…for sports.</p>

<p>For sports, repeats need to read the NCAA rules carefully to make sure they don’t run afoul of eligibility rules.</p>