How do i apply for housing?

<p>i went to the housing application portal, but i see nothing about an actual application. it says something about offers starting to be sent out in may, does that mean that i can apply in may, or are people getting their actual housing assignments in may? thank you ♥</p>

<p>you have to sign into your "My UC Davis Admissions" portal. from there, you can click on "Housing". You will then have to log into housing (same ID/password). Once in, there are about 8 - 10 tasks you have to complete to apply for housing,</p>

<p>last year, my son didn't know his housing assignment til late in the summer...i'm thinking late august/early september. so people probably aren't getting their housing assignments yet.</p>

<p>You can make changes to your housing choices until Aug 12... then the housing selection will come out a couple weeks later.</p>

<p>thank you :-)</p>