How do I become a more responsive person?

<p>So someone tells me something, and I frequently reply with the word "interesting" or "i can see how you're interested in this" or "i can see how" or "I see" or "=)" or "good =)" or various other cliche words that mean nothing. </p>

<p>If they're talking about X, then I'll sometimes make a reference to X, but I'll often just say "X is [some cliche word]" or "i'm glad you like X" or whatever. </p>

<p>Of course, they turn me into a void, even though I'm often actively absorbing what they say into my database of what each person has said/done. Sometimes I say those things when someone tells me something I don't like, but sometimes I also say those things when someone tells me something I actually do like (but I don't have anything creative to say at the moment). </p>

<p>So how can I become more responsive to people? Any ideas?</p>

<p>I know that asking questions helps, but I sometimes don't want to ask too many questions.</p>

<p>smile and nod</p>

<p>Ask questions about the subject matter, even if you're already familiar with the answer. Perhaps their response will provide new insight or additional information.</p>

<p>Or offer some opinions (not terribly strongly, though) or relay an amusing anecdote (it doesn't have to be a personal experience).</p>

<p>Sometimes acting surprised or just more engaged works too. "Oh dang!" is surprisingly helpful at livening up a conversation ;)</p>

<p>Shock yourself with an electric cow fork every time someone speaks until you are conditioned to pay attention to anyone talking. </p>

<p>The brain automatically filters out what it thinks is not important. Maybe you need to hang out with more interesting people. jk. :)</p>

<p>o hai</p>

<p>Using</a> Questions to Carry on a Conversation</p>

<p>um...actually pay attention?</p>