How do I bring up my low ACT score?

<p>My dream college is Cornell University.
ACT score:
English 22
Math 28
Reading 18
Science 21
Writing 8</p>

<pre><code> Overall 23

<p>GPA unweighted 3.6
weighted 3.8
rank top ten percent</p>

<p>I got out ESL last year and I did poorly on my reading part:( No matter how much reading practice I took, the result came out the same:( I really want to get into Cornell. I may retake ACT on Sep. But help to I get into Cornell if I score low again:(</p>

<p>Hey,I was an ESL stuudent too and I can say that my scores were pretty close to yours but my overall score being 23 the first time I took it. You can use the real act prep guide, barron's and kaplan as a study guide.</p>