How do i calculate UC GPA??

<p>I would appreciate it if someone can tell me how to calculate the UC GPA :), thx</p>

<p>Also a related question: When we list our courses do we put the minuses and pluses ? ie do we put A- or just A ? Thanks.</p>

<p>You can list either way. UC will rely on official transcript, not what you list. Your GPA is calculated as follows: (a) throw out all freshman courses; (b) throw out all other courses except those in the UC's "a-g" categories -- math, English, lab science, foreign language, history/social science, visual arts, and 2 semesters of an option course that comes from any of the foregoing; (c) now throw out all the minuses and pluses on those letter grades for those core courses (meaning any A is an A and plus or minus means nothing); (d) each letter grade is given a number on the 4.0 scale, with A = 4, B=3, etc., and you add 1 point (A becomes 5, etc.) to honors and AP courses up to a maximum of four units (a one semester course is 1/2 unit, a two semester course is 1 unit -- thus, for example, you can add an honors point per semester to four year-long courses) but no more than two of those honors units can be 10th grade courses (in other words if you took 5 honors and APs in sophomore year only two of them will get the extra point) and from the history/social sciences group only history can be used. Once you have done all of that calculate your GPA.</p>