how do i combine medical issues with law?

<p>what kind of career can i pursue if i'd like to do something concerning medical issues? what's out there?</p>

<p>i'm only a jr in hgih school...but i'd like to know what's out there.</p>

<p>also, is law and order a good show to watch to kind of get the gist of what goes on in a trial/duties of a lawyer/ etc?</p>


<p>First, in my opinion, no TV show can accurately portray what the practice of law is like. Almost every TV show is a about trial lawyers, which is understandable since trial is the ultimate legal battle ground. However, in the life of a case, trial is at the tail end of matters, and represents only days (usually) in the life of a case that can be years old. But, writing letters, drafting and answering interrogatories (questions), and taking depositions, does not make for great TV. Yet, that is bulk of what a trial lawyer does before a case ever gets to trial. And, bear in mind, 95% of all cases settle out of court.</p>

<p>If you want to combine med and law, you can always practice medical malpractice law – either defense or plaintiff.</p>

<p>You can combine medical issues with law in a number of ways, medical malpractice litigation being only one. However, if you have that in mind, you need to also keep in mind that this will require very good grades in college in order to get into both medical and law schools, plus a combined time of 7-8 years for those, after you graduate from college.</p>

<p>whoa, i have to go to BOTH law and med school if i wanna be a medical malpractice person??? hmm...any other options??</p>

<p>is it hard to become a judge after getting some experience as a lawyer? i think that may be something that i'd like to do...</p>

<p>duties of a lawyer doesnt seem too bad for someone like me...i wouldnt hate doing that.</p>

<p>No, you do not have to be a doctor to practice med. mal., but certainly medical knowledge, and or knowledge of medical terminology is helpful.</p>

<p>Becoming a judge is often a matter of establishing yourself in the leagl community as a lawyer, and being fortunate enough, or connected enough, to be appointed. In some jursidiction you can run for a judgeship as you can for any elected position.</p>

<p>The field of medical ethics as it is applied to the nascent but burgeoning bio-technologies seems to me to be an arena that an astute law student with a scientific/medical bent could really enjoy .With the social and legal issues presented you might find the work to be both exciting and meaningful which is not a bad combo. And with the future of tort reform being in the hands of Karl Rove, all Trial Lawyers, both for the Plaintiff and Defense will be driving school buses and throwing papers for a living by the time you graduate.</p>

<p>I am getting in line for my paper route!! Thanks for the cheery dose of reality curmudgeon!! LOL</p>

<p>Thruthfully, I am confident lawyers will find new ways to get themselves "busy."</p>