How do I convince my parents to let me go to the college I want to go to

<p>Once you're out of the dorms after two years, there isn't much housing "on campus." It's a small campus smack dab in an iffy part of town. Milwaukee is a great city, I love it, and it has lots of neat opportunities for students. It's not as overwhelming as Chicago. But safety at both schools is a factor, no doubt.</p>

<p>I'd give the same advice aDad did. See if you can identify their specific concerns, acknowledge them as legitimate concerns, then see what data you can find. The data may convince *them * to change their minds or it may change *your *mind, you never know.</p>

<p>If it comes to money, a $16K loan might be what is needed. If so, that's $x a month you'll be paying off (or they will) for some period of time, weigh that carefully too.</p>

<p>It sounds like this will be hard to resolve if you and they are not clear about what your real reasons are. </p>

<p>From their end, they first said money, then said safety, and others on here have pointed out that safety probably doesn't vary a lot. You might want to try to gently probe to uncover what their <em>real</em> worries and concerns are about. If you don't figure out the real reasons, you can not convince them to change their mind. </p>

<p>Their real concerns might still be money ($4k a year...or an extra $16,000 is nothing to sneeze about and wishful thinking that it will just work out isn't enough to bridge this gap). </p>

<p>They might have the money but not see it's added value to make $16,000 (or maybe $30,000 or more, if you need to pay this with loans)...because you aren't yet making a good case for why you think it's superior!</p>

<p>You haven't told us, for example. The honors college thing seems to be coming after the fact, so you can make up reasons to tell your parents. As you wrote " I'm even applying to Marquette's honors program and pre-dent program so that they'll let me go there." </p>

<p>What are your <em>real</em> reasons for preferring Marquette? Not the made up ones for your parents, but the actual reasons? Do you really think you'll get a better education? Or is it something you don't want to tell your parents, such as it's because your friends are going there, or you can live in a dorm, or you heard something about student life? </p>

<p>And once you are honest about the real reasons, find evidence to back it up. what evidence can you provide that will persuade them? Maybe you really prefer to live in a dorm vs. an apartment...what are all the benefits that they would appreciate for you living in a dorm (e.g. safer, your commute will be shorter so you can spend more time studying, you will get more involved in campus activities which are useful for x and y).</p>