How do I convince my parents to let me move out to college?

Just as the question states, how do I?

I will transfer next year summer 2018 to a new university from my community college. I will apply to many schools this month not just UCs. However, I do not want to go to a nearby school to commute back and forth like my mother wants. My father really doesn’t bother as much as my mom does. She is so caring and over-protective she isn’t “allowing” me to move out to college. I told her I will not apply to nearby schools so i don’t commute back and forth and she got little disappointed. She keeps bringing up how she is going to miss me, etc.

I mean I can easily call if that is an issue.
Money is not an issue.
I am not the only child, I have a 12 year old sister as well.

However, I am the first to go to college since I am the oldest child, hence why it is a bit harder for me to do anything because I am the one who is always breaking the ice with everything.

I am responsible, I schedule my days myself. I always wake up when I have to using an alarm, I can make my own food, I gym, I can take care of myself I am responsible kid. I do drive too so I am pretty independent.

I finish my classes on time, I don’t get into any trouble. I don’t know what it is that doesn’t want me to leave.

How do I convince? Please help.

I don’t know how you can convince her, but I have a similar situation with my mom. I will also be transferring from a community college to university next year. I kinda compromised with my mum. I won’t be commuting once I transfer but most schools I applied to are close enough where I can drive down in a few hours, so either weekends or if I ever need to. I told her commuting everyday would be too much for me to handle. 10-15 hours a week of driving just to get to and from school would be make school so much harder. Maybe try that. Good luck friend.

Yeah that is my exact situation. I am staying close enough where I will drive home on the weekends.

You as well my friend, Good Luck

I don’t think she’s particularly trying to hold you back.

You make it seem like she’s actively trying to prevent your going, but it just sounds like she’s (rightfully) concerned for your safety and well-being. It’s perfectly normal for her to want you to stay home.