How do I determine Cali Residence?

<p>I moved here a year ago with my family, my sister attends high school here, but I have been attending college outside of Cali and now I'm planning to transfer to a college in Cali after taking a semester at a Cali CC for Spring 09. Now I'm applying to UC Irvine/ UCSB for fall 09 and I've been here since June 08. I'm an international student though (I'm not on a student visa), I'm on a dependent L2 Visa since my parents work here. I have a Cali driver's license, bank account and a permanent address here.</p>

<p>That being said, do I apply to Irvine as a Cali resident? or do I not qualify? How do I determine this before applying? because if I don't qualify I'm not going to bother applying and look into private Cali unis that may give me financial aid. </p>


<p>UCI</a> Office of the Registrar - Residence Classification for Tuition Purposes</p>

<p>I didn't read the link so I don't know for sure but you still might qualify. Either way, I suggest you apply anyway because you never know what will happen in just a few short months.</p>