How do I effectively use music during the Harvard application process?

Besides submitting a portfolio, etc. is it the norm to reach out to conductors or music teachers at Harvard?

The music supplement should include recordings or video (check on this), a music resume and letters from teacher(s)/director. My kid also asked if admissions would like a cue on the recording for the best 3 minutes so they didn’t have to listen to the whole thing :slight_smile:

We reached out to the music department only after acceptance, at which point it was easy to arrange attendance at classes, meetings with a teacher etc. The music department also had an open house.

Some people here on CC have indeed reached out to conductors, directors and professors, before applying or before acceptance. Personally I think it is better if you have questions and are ascertaining whether to apply, rather than trying to make a connection to help you get in. But that’s me.

I suggest you post this on the music forum as well. It is found under the “majors” section.