How do I get a refund for the June 12 test that was just cancelled?

My daughter registered for the June 12, 2021 test at her high school and payment went through (even printed out the admission ticket). We just received an email today that they are cancelling the test. I’m not sure if it is because there weren’t enough seats (even though when she registered it was not for a wait list) or if it is because the entire test location is cancelled. The only option they are giving her is to take it 1.5 hours away on the same date, June 12, or postpone to July 17 and take it at that location that is 1.5 hours away. Is this a refundable cancel? She never would have registered if it wasn’t available at her high school for the day she registered. I’ve read through other threads about how difficult it is to get refunds for cancelled tests and am wondering what the most direct approach would be. Or, is this not refundable since she could technically take it another day in a different location?

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I just called them and they gave me an e-mail address whereby I could request the refund form. Which is ridiculous - any other company will just give you a refund by phone if they cancel something from under you.

We were super frustrated with the June 12th cancellation. We heard from the test center that the ACT cancelled the test, not the test location. And of course no other test centers had opened up. Incredibly aggravating. ACT and SAT deserve all the flak they are getting. I cannot understand how they can be shutting down test centers like this, right when most people are getting fully vaccinated.

It looks like they oversold seats at our test center since kids who signed up earlier are still planning to take it on June 12. So annoying that the system allowed students to register/pay when there weren’t any seats left!

Would you mind posting the email address to use for requesting a refund? Daughter still deciding whether to switch registration to the July test or just to cancel. Its a bit of a drive to get to that test center so we’ll see.