How do I get access to my money???

<p>So I was wondering how I actually access the scholarships and loans offered to me by Berkeley that was stated in my financial aid package. Is there some online system or do I have to go directly to campus to acquire the beautiful greenbacks. I wanted to know so I could start buying books after my CalSO this weekend. I'm going to be a freshman as Berkeley this fall btw. Thanks for anyone who can help!</p>

<p>No, you will not get any money until the third week of school. At that time, your financial award will automatically be used by your CARS account to cover tuition, room and board, before any leftover is sent to your EFT.</p>

<p>What about money for books and stuff? So I buy the books now and the leftover money from my scholarships will be sent to my EFT and I can get a refund for the money I spent on books then?</p>

<p>That's correct. You have to use your own wallet now, but you get reimbursed later by EFT.</p>

<p>thank you!</p>