How do i get admitted with low grades to the University

Please I m so despirate, walk me through.

What are your cost constraints? Have you considered Alabama? They are very generous, seek out of state students, and aren’t ultra competitive academically.

What type of school or environment are you seeking? How low is low?

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thanks for the info

Definition of “low grades”?

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Home State?
Year in High School? (Noticed Class of 2024 Tag) so Junior?
College Budget/year?
Unweighted GPA?
Core Classes taken? (English/Foreign Language/History/Social Science/Math/Science etc… )
Which Universities and Major?

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Define low grades.

What is your budget?

Are you a US resident? What state?

Do you know what you want to major in or have a general idea of your career goals? It is okay if you don’t know. :grin:

What are your preferences? Size? Location? Sports? Greek life?