How do I get an Interview???

<p>The title explains it all.
Also will I be able to get one if I live in Beijing?</p>

<p>You can call the admissions office and ask if you can contact a representative in your area. Then they can put you in touch and if there are any alumni in the area, they'll make it work. It's not required, and many do not have interviews.</p>

<p>If you live in Beijing, unfotunately I doubt you'll get an interview. Supposably the interview has no weight in your admission decision though, so don't be worried if you don't get one,</p>

<p>lol yea i dont think the interview matters much at all...i never got one and i live in the US.</p>

<p>I've always been under the impression that Northwestern does not offer interviews.</p>

<p>Northwestern does not offer interviews as part of the application, but I did get an email about being able to schedule an informational interview. As someone else said, call the admissions office. Since you live in Beijing, there's probably not a great chance. However, even if you can't get one, it won't hurt you.</p>