How do I get my psch prof to know who I am??

<p>My Psych 101 class has 576 of us, and I always sit in the first row and in the center. My prof is really funny and this class is starting to become my favorite class. The problem is how can I get my prof to know my name and who I am when his office hours are at the same time as my classes on both days he has them? I want to go pre-med, and since I need recommendations from profs, I want him to know who I am. Even if my pre-med plans change, I still want him to know me btw. How do I do this?</p>

<p>Email and ask to set up an alternative time to go into his office.</p>

<p>transfer to a different school. 576 is way too big :P</p>

<p>It's Michigan State! I love it here and I don't know if it's just my class that has a large amount of students, or if all the intro to psych classes are like this. Even if I set up an alternate time, how do I talk to him? (I'm really shy) I don't know what to talk to him about. Do I say "Hi my name is ______, I really enjoy being in this class and I'm thinking about going pre-med."? What do I talk about?</p>

<p>Most lower division/introductory classes at large schools have that many students. It's normal.</p>

<p>well...he makes a 2 hr lecture fly. :)</p>

<p>introduce yourself during office hours, and see if he has any need for a research assistant</p>

<p>Introduce yourself, but you should shy away from introducing your career or grad school ambitions simultaneously--it might send the impression that you're just befriending this dude so that he'll write you a sweet rec letter, which is of course a benefit to any good student-teacher relationship but doesn't seem like your main motivation here. Maybe ask how you can get involved in research? (Which, coincidentally, you'll need to do for med school apps)</p>

<p>if you dont have somewhere to go immediately after class, you can always go up and ask him some stuff right when he dismisses everyone. If you do it often, he'll start to remember you.</p>

<p>so can you tell me exactly what to say to him? I'm really shy and whenever I'm nervous around someone, I say really stupid things.</p>

<p>After class go up to him and say "Hi I'm --. I was a little confused about -- today in class. Do you have time to clarify or can we set up a meeting, as I have class during your office hours?"</p>

<p>When you go to his office you can ask him to clarify the concept/s, maybe ask about research, ask how long he's been at the school or something.</p>

<p>seduce him...</p>

<p>jk :)</p>

<p>um tortoise has the best method imo</p>

<p>office hours...and what everyone else said</p>

<p>she's said twice that she has other classes during the pysch proff's office hours. I'd go with talking to him right after class. But don't bet 100% that he'll have time right then. A friend tried to ask our history professor a question at the end of class on the first day and he was like "I don't have time now, come to office hours". He's actually alright as a person, but I'm not loving his teaching style and his 1 hr 15 min lectures feel much longer than that.</p>

<p>well just to let y'all know my friend wanted me to ask him something about the senior corps and his opinion on it, so I emailed him and my prof told me to stop by before/after class. (He even thanked me for the question!) I went up to him and said "Hi...I'm the one who emailed you about the senior corps." He said he already shut down the comp and that he would email me the references. He again thanked me for asking him the question.</p>

<p>I just asked him another question today about his lecture (we were learning about conditioning and I asked him what kind of conditioning is setting up your alarm clock to wake up at a certain time everyday and then one day w/out setting it, you wake up at that certain time) and he was pretty happy about me asking it and he said it's happened to him before but he didn't know what kind of conditioning that was. Again, he thanked me for the question (which I don't know why, but ok.) I don't know if he's recognizing me by face because he doesn't say my name. </p>

<p>What should I do now? I still don't get why he thanked me for the question.</p>

<p>Transfer to UMich. Just cause we pwn MSU.</p>

<p>I'm not going to transfer to umich. In a way, I'm actually glad I got waitlisted because I love it here. And how is my college relevant to my crisis? :P</p>

<p>576 people? Jesus christ, I'm glad I decided to turn down MSU. I couldn't handle that, I'm having problems with my 70 person lectures.</p>

<p> is an INTRO class..</p>

<p>try 1300 students ;)</p>