How do I Guarentee an 800 Math 2?

<p>What topics are covered the most which I should be familiar with.</p>

<p>Apparently, the main topics are on functions, geometry and trigonometry.</p>

<p>SparkNotes:</a> SAT Subject Test: Math Level 2: Content of the SAT II Math IIC</p>

<p>If you have taken precalc, I think the best thing you can do is take practice test OVER and OVER. The format of the questions are a bit weird, but relatively simple. I would start with PR, then move on to barrons, then do the free sparknotes test the night/day before. I don't know what my actual score is yet, but I did a lot of barrons and got like 680's, then I took sparknotes and got a 790. I found the actual test to be slightly easier than sparknotes so I think in that sense my review was a success. However, I started studying like the week before and only did 3-4 tests in total. I say with this test, the more the merrier.</p>

<p>Have high IQ, and know the content well.</p>

<p>Not to go off on a tangent that's irrelevant, but IQ really doesn't mean much in terms of standardized testing success. Like rainbowrose said, practice makes perfect -- just memorize basic formulas (ie arithmetic/geometric series/sequences) and take tons of practice tests. The first time I took Math II, I didn't have time to study at all so I did pretty badly, but I just retook this past Saturday after a ton of studying, and I definitely felt the difference.</p>

Not to go off on a tangent that's irrelevant, but IQ really doesn't mean much in terms of standardized testing success.


<p>I, too, do not want to open up a debate, but IQ scores do indeed strongly correlate with SAT scores. To what extent this is true with respect to Subject Tests is unknown.</p>

<p>Lots and lots of practice.</p>

<p>if you wanna get an 800 make sure to get everything right (that is my secret)...</p>

<p>Get all the questions right ;)</p>

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<p>well , IQ relatively does matter, however these tests are not IQ based tests. Yes, the require an extent of natural ability, but they can be studied for, if done correctly that is.</p>

<p>Thanks, I guess I'll start with PR , move onto barrons, sparknotes, and lastly CB. Looks I'm gonna have a busy Summer with College essays, research, October Senior SAT, and November SAT 2 Math 2.</p>

<p>A lot of the questions are related to mathematical intelligence in the Math II test. Knowing all the content on the test will not necessarily get you an 800, but rather being able to apply them in different areas and think analytically will get you an 800. It reminds me of SAT math, but with precalc concepts.</p>