How Do I Improve My SAT Writing to a 700+

<p>I am a junior, and I took the PSAT and scored a 56 on the writing portion. I am taking the SAT this May, and was wondering, how I can improve my score to getting at leat a 700, hopefully 730+. I think my weakness is particularly in grammer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)</p>

<p>i read the bluebook Kaplan SAT book and did all the practice problems in it (only about 100 at most) and my score improved 200 points in writing</p>

<p>Barron's Writing Workbook has a pretty good list of grammar rules that are tested on the SAT. I studied the ones in Barron's 2400, which is a simplified version of the same list, and I got a 720.</p>

<p>Just go to a library(or bookstore) and find out one SAT Writing Workbook. I suppose u do have the Blue Book w/ u already. Writing is a part where one can improve score significantly just by practice. (Whereas, CR is the toughest part to improve by great points)</p>

<p>I have a 740 in the writing section. I know that getting those last 60 points is the most difficult leap to make, but I mostly just answer based on what sounds right. Would the Collegeboard bluebook be enough to learn some of the lesser-known rules and close that gap ?</p>

<p>Got a 760. Lost it on idioms. Heh, those are the times I wished I was born American.</p>

<p>Collegeboard Blue Book didn't do anything for me grammar-wise at all. I just practiced and worked on what I felt sounded right.</p>