How do I increase my chances at Notre Dame?

Although it may seem like it is too soon I am a sophomore who wants to go to Notre Dame. What are some ways I can increase my chances? I receive good grades, do two sports a year, in orchestra, and am a first generation to go to college. What are some things that can make me stand out?

You need to be sure to have excellent grades and tests scores. This is the perfect time to start taking your ACT/SAT and discover your baseline scores. Then you can work on your weak areas to bring them up to Notre Dame standards. It’s great that you are well rounded with sports and music. Try to get involved in some type of community service that is meaningful to you. Notre Dame prides itself on a holistic admission but you need to have the grades and test scores to get noticed.

“This college will be one of the most powerful means for doing good in this country.”
Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., founder of the University of Notre Dame du Lac

When my daughter was applying, this ^ really spoke to me. ND often says it’s mission is to be a force for good in the world. You will see this theme regularly in their literature and hear it often in speeches on campus. While good grades and test scores are certainly very important as a baseline, I feel the importance of establishing of history of service cannot be underestimated. However, make sure you pursue an area of genuine interest that you can expound upon in your essays with sincerity (vs just clocking the hours, like with a job).

I agree w above poster that sports and music are great ECs. If you are able to attain any leadership positions - in any of your activities – in the next 3 years, that would be very helpful as well. Good luck!