How do i increase my SAT writing score?

<p>I keep on getting 540-550 on writing, even though i know all the writing rules.</p>

<p>When I get them wrong (about 10-12 questions on one writing section), i get super mad, because I know why its wrong when i look over it again without explanations, and it just happens over and over again.</p>

<p>I know WHY it's wrong, but it just happens repeatedly. I'm not sure how i could fix this.
This happened to me in math, but through strategies, I somehow increased the score to 600 range, but I'm not sure how i did that. I wish it happens for writing too.</p>

<p>I'm not that concerned about the essay portion, I'm only concerned about the multiple choice part of the writing portion. </p>

<p>Any books you recommend? Any strategies (useful please; i tried all sort. reviewing, etc.)?</p>

<p>i think the best way would be to look over your answers when you have time left. Try to re-read a few questions, especially the ones that have 'no error' as the answer choices. If you already know all the wr rules, go over them again to reinforce your memory; it may be that you cannot apply them.
Also, solve many many WR questions; unlike CR questions, you are not confined to only BB WR questions b/c all WR questions deal with the same grammar rule.
Hope this helped you :)</p>

<p>Here's one thing: focus more on the multiple choice section than on the essay. Of course, you'll still have to work on the latter, but a perfect score on the MC gets you an 800 as long as you score above a 9 on the essay. Just my 2 cents.</p>