How do i indicate DATE on the app?

<p>Some apps require me to put a date. Like mailing address is valid from [mm/dd/yr] to [mm/dd/yr] If im still living at home, what date should i put down? I dont think it online app will let me leave it blank.</p>

<p>I had the same question too. Some even ask dates for your parents' jobs from when to when. So, I called the college I was applying to and asked what I should do. They said that it really didn't matter too much, all they wanted to see was the beginning date so the lady just told me to put the date that I will send the app on.</p>

<p>I wrote PERMANENT below the validity dates of my mailing address. :)</p>

<p>Yea, but if you do it on the internet, you HAVE to write dates. No words. Well, at least on the app that I'm doing on the internet.. But yes, I would right that too if I were to send apps in by mail.</p>