How do i iron clothes in college?

<p>If say one night your friends want to go out and you want to wear a button up shirt, but it has wrinkles from when you washed it. I dont want to bring an iron and an ironing board to my dorm, so how should i iron clothes in college?</p>

<p>You can either get a little steamer <a href=“”></a></p>

<p>or put a damp CLEAN towel in the dryer with your wrinkled shirt and hope some steam out (hang up immediately after…dont let it set in the dryer). </p>

<p>Thanks ^^</p>

<p>+1 on the steamer. It’s a lifesaver and very easy to use.</p>

<p>+2 on the steamer</p>

<p>removing it promptly, maybe even a little early, from the dryer is key. you can also take it in the shower with you. take it off first.</p>

<p>Hanging it up to dry (on hanger) instead of drying in dryer should help with wrinkles. Poly/cotton blends tend to wrinkle less also.</p>

<p>Look for non-iron button down shirts which look good if you hang them up right after the dryer. Maybe not quite as crisp as a freshly ironed shirt, but fine for anything you will do in college. And I agree that a steamer is good to have as well.</p>

<p>when you go to orientation this summer take a look in the laundry room of the dorm. Many have pull-down ironing boards, you’ll need to bring your own iron.</p>

<p>Hmm…I’m not the OP but I just ordered two! Thanks!</p>

<p>This made me chuckle a little bit, so I have to comment.
They make mini irons you can get at Walmart for $6 and mini ironing boards for the same price. I actually opted to purchase an ‘ironing pad’ that can be folded up to stored but used flat on my desk instead at Target for like $6.</p>

<p>you can buy the spray that is like an iron in a bottle. it takes the wrinkle out but i forgot the name of it. if you are a girl you can use your flat iron but clean it first. you should at least bring a mini iron and iron on your bed or desk if you don’t want to bring a board.</p>

<p>Downy Wrinkle Releaser?</p>

<p>ill try that when i get there, thanks</p>


<p>Some schools have a community office where you can borrow things like vacuums, pot and pans, games, videos, etc. I suspect they also have irons.</p>

<p>If you don’t have access to an iron or steamer and you just want to to take a few wrinkles out, spritz some water on the wrinkled part and use a hair dryer while keeping the cloth stretched. The best thing to do though was suggested up thread - take your clothes out of the dryer asap and hang up the dress shirts on hangers.</p>

<p>Also, what I do when I don’t feel like pulling out the iron is taking a hot, steamy shower while the garment is hanging on the rod (also spritzing lightly beforehand is helpful), let the garment absorb the steam and close the bathroom door. The next morning it should be wrinkle-free!</p>

<p>irlandaise ill try that XD, but how do you prevent other people from taking your clothes lol.
Since in my dorms i think its 2 dorm rooms for every bathroom</p>

<p>Find the girl who guys ignore and befriend her - help her out and she’ll iron your shirts</p>