How do I look?

<p>I'm a white junior male from TN at a small Christian school. Sewanee sounds amazing to me. Ever since I heard of it (even in Tennessee, it doesn't have that big of a name) and started reading up on it, I have been enamored. I'll be visiting very soon to see if it's all it's cracked up to be.</p>

<p>But am I on the right track?</p>

-GPA: 3.7 weighted (I realize this is pathetic, freshman/sophomore years were a waste)
-Class rank: My school doesn't rank; I would put myself in the top 20 of my class of ~100
-Curriculum: planning to take 4 years French/English/Math/Lab Science/Social Studies; Bible is a required elective every year and I've had other electives every year
2 APs junior year, planning to take 3 APs next year (my school is very limited academically, I take honors and "advanced" when available)</p>

-No ACT or SAT yet; I scored a 214 on the PSAT (highest in my school, right on the line for National Merit Semifinalist qualifying in Tennessee so we'll see next September.)</p>

-Christian Literature Club (treasurer)
-Chem Club
-Chess Club
-National Honor Society
-Mu Alpha Theta
-most like going to Boys State this summer
-15 hours of service/year (required by school)
-annual mission trip to French Canada with my school's French program in which I lead worship (not included in required service)
-swimming for 8 years, high school swimmer all 3 years, club swimming (year-round and practice every night; takes a good chunk of time) for 2 years
-member of the Scholar's Bowl team, 10th and 11th grade
-nationally ranked in the French Grand Concours, 10th grade
-part of Duke's Talent Identification Program in 7th grade, scored a 1050 on the SAT (520 math/530 verbal)</p>

<p>Intended major: Economics with an English minor (The plan is to go on to law school)</p>

<p>I know I'll get the Hope lottery scholarship, but even then it's a pretty expensive school and I don't want to be in 6 figures of debt from an undergraduate degree. Do they offer any scholarships for National Merit Finalists? Would I qualify for any specialty scholarships for my major or anything? How would I do with merit-based?</p>


<p>I have a question and it would be obnoxious to start another topic...haha.</p>

<p>If I were to swim for Sewanee, would I still have time to manage studying and Greek? I would pick swimming over a fraternity if necessary, but both would be ideal. Any Sewanee athletes with this experience? Or just anyone that knows a Greek athlete...</p>

<p>your chances are good for acceptance......there is merit and need based aid readily need to visit the campus during classes to see if it is right for all honest Sewanee students and graduates will tell you, its not for everyone....but the Sewanee experience is something very special</p>