How do I politely ask my employer why I didn't get more hours and how do I politely ask for more?

So basically, I’m in my last semester of college and I barely got any hours from my employer. The way it is now, I’ll be earning under 20$/week. I really want to be ready to move out of my parents’ the house pretty much right after I graduate from college, and obviously I need way way way more hours. I don’t want it to sound to my employer like I’m criticizing him/her, but I really need to find from him/her why I got the hours I did and how, or if, I can get more. What should I say? Thanks!

Just tell them you would like to have the opportunity to work more hours and if that is something they can accommodate. If they can’t give them to you, look for a job that fits your financial needs better.

What’s the point in asking why? Just ask for more hours.

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