How Do I Self Study For APs?

<p>Hello everyone, I'm going to be a junior next school year and I'm planning to self study Ap psycology, Micro and Macro economics. This is going to be my first time self studying APs. can anyone give me some suggestions? Any recommendations on which books I should use? When should I start studying them? During the summer or during the school year?

<p>Hi, I too am a sophomore soon to be junior, and am in the same boat as you. I also plan to be taking the AP Microeconomics exam. </p>

<p>To self study, I'd take a course at a college this summer. For example, for Microeconomics, I'm going to be taking a Principles of Microeconomics class at Harvard University. </p>

<p>Also, buy a good textbook and prep book. I'd recommend Principles of Economics by Mankiw (5th Ed.) and also Princeton Review Microeconomics. </p>

<p>Study during the summer, and then review during the year. </p>

<p>Ask me if you need anymore help.</p>

<p>I self-studied for AP Comparative Government this year. Also, I took an AP Psych class and basically self-studied for it (i.e. I slept through class - it's a consequence of the teacher turning the lights off every time she lectured - and read the pertinent review book chapter the night before the test).</p>

<p>What I did for AP Comp Gov was order a review book (I went with the highly acclaimed Ethel Wood 4th Edition), tear through the material over winter break, and do a full review the week before the exam. I'm not sure how I did yet, but I did know most of the material on the exam.</p>

<p>For AP Psych, I would recommend using both Barron's and Crash Coruse. If you can only pick one, go with Barron's since it has practice problems. The review book was perfect for the class - the teacher's tests were all previous AP questions, so the practice questions in each chapter were very similar, if not IDENTICAL, to the questions on her tests. Also, the content of both review books itself is explained well and designed for the AP exam. Speaking of which, the psych exam is ridiculously easy. It's completely vocab/concept-based, and most questions involve either identifying a term based on its definition or identifying a term based on a given scenario.</p>

<p>But don't slack on psych. The 100-question multiple choice section counts for 66.7% of your composite score, while the two FRQs only count for 33.3% of it. There's bound to be a few MC questions that aren't in either review book, and you're bound to botch a term or two on the FRQ. So you really do need to know the material in the review book like the back of your hand. Psych is pretty easy, and it's not hard to do, but you do need to be more prudent than some posts on CC would lead you to believe.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>The best way to self-study for Econ is really just to get a good review book and textbook. Read through the textbook (I'd suggest by Mankiw) and then after you have gone through all of the material, review with the review book (5 Steps to a 5 is good). Take the practice tests and do review questions, and you will be ready for the exam. whoa I just noticed, this is my 1000th post</p>

<p>i self studied for ap psych. i did barron's and princeton review. i started only 6 weeks before ap tests (and i was taking another 3) so it wasn't a joyride but i still think i got a 5.</p>

<p>keep in mind though i was doing like 20 flashcards and 1.5 chapters a night plus towards the end doing past free response questions. make sure you make a plan and stick to it.</p>