How do i send in my AP scores?

<p>via collegeboard...</p>

<p>AP</a> Scores - AP Scores & Reporting Services</p>

<p>AP Automated Score Reporting Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the following numbers:</p>

<pre><code>* 888-308-0013 (toll free in the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada)
* 609-771-7366 (outside of the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada)

<p>What do we do about AP tests we took this year (2009-2010)? Those scores aren't released until I think after the deadline for scores to be sent in (which is July 15th if I'm not mistaken). Do we just call in about sending last year's scores? (I took 3 last year and reported those, took three this year but on the UC app I just listed them as me planning to take them)</p>

<p>PS Since I just found that we can't call until July 1st (according to the collegeboard number we call), do I just call later and report the scores I put on the UC app or do I report this year (2010)'s scores too (which weren't listed as more than planned on the UC app)?</p>

<p>When we took the AP, it had a space to put the College and College Code. I put UCSD and they UCSD number (I don't remember the exact number but it was from the college packet.) Is that enough to send in all of my scores?</p>

<p>^^^ yes 10char</p>

<p>can anyone help with my last question please, I want to get this cleared up in advance. I didn't fill in UCSD for my college to send them to when we were taking the tests, so I think I have to send them on July 1st or after, is that right? And what do we do about the tests we took this year that are released I think after the July 15 deadline?</p>

<p>@spacedog. I am calling collegeboard later today because I made the same mistake in which I could have saved $15. but jst click on the link above because it will explain all of your questions. or call.</p>

<p>"You can hear your 2010 exam scores and send your scores"
I found on the website.. so, you will be able to send your 2010 scores</p>

<p>Thanks for the help people. I just called this morning, actually I was surprised it was all automated but when you think about it it makes sense. lol But I just used my 2009 AP# and inputted that it was from 09, and it located all my scores (2010 included :D). I rush reported them to UCSD, hopefully they get there in time :X</p>

<p>Will regular (not rushed) make it in time?</p>

<p>I'm not sure, it says it should take within a week to process from what I've read/heard, and that leaves a week to get there. Personally I would expect them to, and if they didn't you could just explain the situation to UCSD. From what I've also read from other posters on this site, people were sending in AP scores far beyond the deadline, although I wouldn't necessarily try that. lol I just rush reported to be safe</p>

<p>I designated UCSD as my college when I took the test this year.
I called AP Central and they said that they don't send the 2010 score reports to colleges until July 15. But that's the deadline for UCSD!!!!
I called UCSD today and the lady said that if I don't get all my AP scores in by July 15, then they will rescind their offer!!! She said that is was part of the contract that we agreed to when we submitted our SIR.</p>

<p>Is this all true???</p>

<p>Well when I called CollegeBoard for the AP score reports, they said they could'nt do rush reports...</p>

<p>sorry off topic Q. How many schools were we able to choose to send in scores to? and should i send scores to all the colleges i plan on applying to? also i forgot which school(s) i put down is there a way to find out?</p>

<p>@sydneyv don't send scores to UCs that you plan to apply to. Apparently, they don't keep scores on files. Not sure about private schools though</p>