How do I start my Financial Aid stuffs?

So I am done with my Common App, and I know nothing about my Financial Aid stuff. I am International, and I am pretty much done with my CSS profile. Is there anything else I need to do?

You need to look on the websites of the colleges to,which you have applied. Look in the financial,aid section…and specifically for international students. EACH college will have what is required for THAT college…and this will vary from school to school. Lookfor what each college requires for international student financial aid applications…and rhe DEADLINES for those submissions.

Submit to each school what that school requires.

First of all, don’t expect financial aids at most schools in US as international student. You are likely to pay full price. Second, for schools that may give your financial aid, you should have checked their NPC before applying.

@billcsho the net price calculators will only be accurate for international students if they ask if the student is an international student. Most NPCs do not ask that question.

@thumper1 That is how I said it. Afterall, npc is mandated for domestic students.