how do i start up something to help inner-city kids?

<p>my friend came up with an idea. its to give inner city kids a chance to experience fine arts type eof things (piano, possibly violin, art, drawing, etc.) that they wouldnt be able to experience because of how poor their school systems are and all.</p>

<p>we want to set something like that up. im htinking that since we live inthe suburbs and all, we'd go down there once a week and meet with these kids nd teach em how to draw, etc. kind of like a day care i suppose, but geared towards fine arts.</p>

<p>how do i get started? where do i find out what schools lack in this area, and how do i contact them about this? how do i raise money to buy supplies and used instruments?</p>

<p>help! if ur from chicago area, please say something!</p>

<p>jeparlefrancais i live in the suburbs. What suburbs are you in? Anywayz what area are you specifically looking at? 147th and Siblely, 59th, Cabrini Greens, or Pilsen? Well besides that, you can go around to the churches and try to set up something there. If you want to even i can come down once a week and help you as well we can create an organization if you really want to.</p>

<p>oh yea jeparlefrancais aussi (fluently). Oh yea I think I got a nice plan and if its successful, it will be sweet.</p>

<p>yea dude! i think i'd better talk to my other friend bout it first. however, i live in naperville. u? and im trying to im u, but ur not responding. my sn is a pair of jean</p>