How do I transfer to a UC for comp sci in 2 years?

So its nearing the end of my first semester at Cosumnes River CC and I’ve just noticed that I severely under researched what classes I should be taking and half the classes I took don’t really matter.
I am a computer science major, but I haven’t even started normal calculus yet or taken a C++ course in college because I needed a pseudocode class as a prerequisite.
Now im panicking to know if I will be able to transfer in 2 years as I am not completely familiar with the IGETC requirements, as my counselor also said it may take me 3 years to transfer.
Any help would be appreciated

P.S. I forgot to include but I also took an anthropology and psychology class over the summer

P.S.S The UCs I wanted to transfer to were UC Davis because of proximity and UC Merced as a backup, but because of Davis’s lack of TAG, I’m a bit worried about whether I will get in, and am open to other options

Below is the plan my counselor gave me.

@Gumbymom can likely tell you.

IGETC is not required/needed for CS transfer.

Which type of student should not consider IGETC
Certain students, however, will not be well served by following IGETC. Students who intend to transfer into majors that require extensive lower-division preparation, such as engineering or the physical and natural sciences, should concentrate on completing the prerequisites for the major required by the individual UC campus. However, they can choose to follow the IGETC for STEM pattern of course work in addition to major preparation. IGETC for STEM is a pattern of courses currently only available to students earning an associate degree for transfer (ADT) at a California community college in a major that explicitly offers IGETC for STEM as an option.

Not a requirement, but a consideration
IGETC is not an admission requirement. Completing it does not guarantee admission to the campus or program of choice. However, completing the lower-division breadth/general education requirements — whether through IGETC or the campus-specific requirements — may be considered by the campus in selecting among qualified applicants.

Be sure to look at the major at each UC for minimum requirements. It’s always two English, Quant math, and then usually four courses from at least two of the following three disciplines: (1) arts and Humanities, (2) social sciences and (3) life/physical science. Be sure to check though because each major may have a slight variation.

So I would look over the schedule the counselor gave you and delete any courses required for IGETC beyond the 7 course GE pattern. If the schedule is still not doable in 2 years then you might have to take a 3rd year unfortunately.

Do you have any AP credit especially in Foreign Language which could satisfy the FL/Humanities requirement? What about other credit to fulfill some of the GE’s such a AP Lit or Lang? I see 1 communication course and 2 English courses on the schedule. Unless you plan to also apply to some Cal states, you do not need the communication course for the UC’s.

Here are some transfer tips for UCD CS:

  • Start early! Take an introductory computer science course in your very first quarter, or as early as you can. The programming language in your first course is not important – Java, Python, Basic, C or C++ are all fine.
  • Take three or more computer science classes before you get here. Check to find courses that fulfill the UC Davis lower-division requirements: ECS 20, ECS 50, and ECS 36ABC.
  • Learn C++ and the Unix programming environment really well. This is the computing platform in many of our advanced courses, and not knowing it can lead to disaster. Unfortunately, courses in object-oriented programming and data structures taught in Java or other programming languages, although they do fulfill the lower-division requirements, don’t prepare you for advanced courses taught with C++ / Unix!
  • Take at least two quarters of Calculus, and maybe one of Linear Algebra. Our major requires some advanced math courses. Again, use to make sure your math courses articulate to MAT 21ABCD and perhaps MAT 22A.
  • Don’t take all your GE (General Education) courses before you get here. This is for two reasons. One is that only the truly crazy take three or four advanced computer science and mathematics courses every quarter. A little variety keeps you energized! The second reason is that you want to see some of the University besides the computer lab. Keep in mind that if it comes down to it, you can always finish up GE courses over the summer, or even at a community college, here in Davis or back at home.

Since CS is only available for TAG at UCR and UCM, then TAG to either campus. UCM does take Spring Transfers.

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Thanks for the information,

Unfortunately I don’t really have many AP classes I can use for credits.
The requirements on only needing 2 of the 3 of those areas is pretty useful to know. Does this mean I don’t need to take 3 physics classes?
Also I have taken a C++ class in high school, and even have a transcript from sac state saying I did it, but I was too dumb to realize I could use it to skip ahead some classes.

If physics is a required transfer course(s), it is best to take the whole series depending upon which campus you are applying. Some UC campuses are more flexible with completion of the transfer major requirements than others. This is why you need to check each specific campus’s requirements.

Edited: UC Davis does not require Physics as a transfer requirement.

Computer Science

Requirements in addition to general admission requirements:

Overall UC-transferable coursework must meet a minimum 3.10 GPA.

  • Complete the following courses and maintain a 3.40 GPA in each of the following two series:
    • Mathematics 21A/B/C
    • Engineering Computer Science 20, 50, 36A/C

Additional Recommendations:

  • Engineering Computer Science 36B

UC Merced requires 2 Physics courses for transfer.

I see, I think that’s partially why my counselor put physics on my plan.

I’ve been thinking a bit more but would you consider going to UCM or UCR to be a better choice than Davis due to TAG? To be honest the only reason I’m considering Davis is because its the clsoest. Merced is almost 2 hours away and Riverside is like 6 hours away lol.
Davis is only around 20 mins away

Also my counselor mentioned that UC Merced’s CS is Computer Science and Engineering, which is probably why it needs physics.

UC Riverside also requires Physics for transfer.

Computer Science, B.S.

All majors in the Bourns College of Engineering are selective, based on academic preparation and GPA in all transferable coursework, with a minimum GPA of 2.80.

Prior to transfer, a minimum GPA of 2.50 is required for two major-specific course sequences.

  • Computer Science 10A (Intro to Computer Science for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering I)
  • Computer Science 10B (Intro to Computer Science for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering II)
  • Math 9A (First-Year Calculus), Math 9B (First-Year Calculus), Math 9C (First-Year Calculus)
  • Physics 40A (General Physics)
  • Computer Science 11 (Intro to Discrete Structures, Same-As: MATH 11)
  • Computer Science 10C (Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms)
  • Computer Science 61 (Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming)
  • Math 10A (Calculus of Several Variables)
  • Physics 40B (General Physics)
  • Physics 40C (General Physics)

If money is an issue, being within commuting distance of Davis makes sense however, you need a backup plan if you do not get into UCD.

For TAG, UCM and UCR are both good options but this should be your personal choice.

CS is a highly marketable degree so have you considered Sac state or some other Cal states such as Chico or San Francisco?

My younger son attended San Diego state for CS and currently works for a FAANG company.

I actually have considered a state college, and I think it will be my backup backup option. To be honest, I kind of feel like I should have gone to a state college in the first place since I already have a transcript from it, but its too late now.

Anyways, considering those requirements, it seems more doable now, but I’ll have to look into it further. I am still concerned on whether I will be able to do all of those CS classes within 2 years, and it sucks that I could have avoided it.

Did a bit more digging into the TAG requirements, and it seems both need a math course past Calc 3 to transfer. Unfortunately I don’t know if I can do that within 2 years, unless this means I only need 3 classes from this selection of courses?

Yes, For UC Riverside it states you select 3 courses from that list in addition to the other courses mentioned above that list.

Also note the TAG GPA requirement for CS at UC Riverside is 3.6 which is pretty high vs. UC Merced which is 3.0.

If you TAG to UCR and do not maintain your 3.6 GPA, your TAG will be invalid and you would be put into the regular admission pool. I would probably use TAG for UC Merced since their TAG GPA requirement is more reasonable.

Alright thanks so much for the information. Now it finally feels like I have a plan.

After talking with others and my family, I think I will be taking 3 years at CRC to TAG into Merced.
But I also will try to fit it in 2 years if I can.