How do most people find roomates at IU?

I’d like a roommate, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t have one. Unfortunately, all the people on FB posting for roommates seem to be big on partying and may not interested in rooming with someone like me. I’m big on academics, willing to give up my weekend to study for a huge exam, and a bit of an introvert, and it looks like I’m not a good fit for most of those who are posting online. I created an FB recently just to find a roommate and I even made many posts, but I’m having no luck. Are there other ways to find a roommate? Does IU have an office I can call to see if they can match me with someone?

Thank you!

Usually through personal connections, but it’s been a difficult year for that.

Both of my kids attend/attended IU and chose not to have roommates because of the potential conflicts with their work and study schedules. If much of IU is online again next year, that could get lonely. On the other hand, a roommate can be distracting during the zoom sessions.

The only sure thing I can tell you is that if you want to live off-campus, you need to start looking for something soon. There are some good rental companies there but also some slum lords. If you want some advice concerning off campus rentals, go ahead and private message me. I’ll ask my kids which ones to avoid.


I’m following two “IU class of 2025” accounts on Instagram, and while the majority of “hey my name is blah blah blah and here’s a little about me…” 's are partiers/rushers, there have been around 4/5 people that say that they are more quiet and easygoing and prefer a night in :slight_smile: I actually connected with someone like that, dm’d them and turns out we have pretty much everything in common and may be roommates!

i can give you the account names if you like! good luck <3

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I’m in class of 2024 :grin:

Thank you so much! I’m messaging you! :smiley:

Have you considered Collins learning community? We are in Indiana and a lot of the more studious kids from my kids’ high school wanted Collins because it tended to be more academic (and quirky) than other dorms. It’s been a few years, so I don’t know if the reputation of Collins has changed.

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Just searched it up, and it looks beautiful!! Definitely adding it to my list! Thank you for the recommendation!! Are their LLC fees and how expensive are they?

There is a fee, I remember it being modest, but it’s been a while.

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Do you think I could get an apartment as a sophomore living there?

I don’t know enough about housing selections after 1st year to predict, sorry!

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Anyone know what housing is like near Jacobs ?

Very nice. We were down there on Saturday