How do most people get to/from San Jose Airport?

I called SuperShuttle just today, and was told they don’t do this group ride anymore from SJC to Stanford anymore. It used to be something like $25 per ride, and now it’s going to be close $75 (even withe the Stanford coupon code). This is just not an option anymore.

The way I see it, going to SJC from Stanford is relatively simple - you just take Uber. It’s like $30 and I have done it. This is obviously way better than when the ‘old’ SuperShuttle deal was in effect. The problem is coming from SJC. Uber is no longer picking up passengers from SJC due to some disputes with the city of San Jose. The way I see it, there are 3 options: (1) take a airport flyer free shuttle to get to the outside of the airport and call an Uber, (2) take the free shuttle to Santa Clara Caltrain station, then take the Caltrain to Palo Alto station, and then take the Stanford shuttle to your dorm, and (3) going with something that’s equivalent to SuperShuttle.

Maybe I am making this unnecessarily complicated? Is there a good shuttle company that’s an alternative to SuperShuttle (not that SuperShuttle is any good, as I heard horrible stories about it. It’s just something that Stanford recommends)?

No, it’s pretty much shuttle-Caltrain-shuttle (about $6 for the Caltrain segment) unless you want to use any of the pay “shuttles” (aka taxis). They’re going to be about $75, although you could pare that down by sharing with other students arriving at SJC at the same time.