How do my Chances Look?

Hi there! I’m currently in the second semester of my junior year of high school and, as you can tell by my screen name, am very excited to begin applying for and attending college! I have a good idea of my chances of admissions at most colleges, but I was curious as to whether anyone could provide me with any additional insight? I´ll provide a some background info on my transcript, and if you can give me any hints, I’d greatly appreciate it!

My cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale is currently a 3.35, and with a 3.65 or better this semester, I can raise it to a 3.4, which would be great!

My freshman year was tough. I had a rough year and experienced severe depression, though I did a good job of keeping my grades up, nonetheless. I got a 3.45 first semester, and a 3.165 second semester. During this time, I had an honors English class, which I got a B in both semesters.

Sophomore year was also tough, though this time it was the schoolwork that gave me troubles. I had an extremely busy schedule, and balanced 0 period jazz band, a lead role in an after school play, and drivers ed while taking a tough set of courses. I got a 2.95 GPA first semester. I had an AP world history class that I got a C in, and another honors English class that I got another B in. After I began failing my geometry class second semester, I quickly turned things around, and I I finished second semester with GPA of 3.667. I managed an A in my AP US history class, and got another B in honors English. After this my cumulative GPA was a 3.3

I had a rough start to my junior year, and I struggled with depression and lack of motivation while letting my GPA hang around at a 2.9/3.0. In october, I visited Western Washington University, and that changed the game for me. I loved it, and wanted to attend, so it became my motivator, and I rushed to raise my GPA. I finished first semester of junior year with a 3.55 GPA, and my cumulative raised to a 3.35. I got an A in my APUSH class and a B in my AP Lang and Comp class. I also received academic excellence awards in both my APUSH class and my French class.

I currently have 5 A s and one B in second semester, but my grades are far from final, as of now.

My Extracurriculars: Drama/Plays all 4 years, Band all four years, Jazz band sophomore year, Tumbling all four years, French Club Junior year, Cat shelter volunteering Junior year (I have more volunteer experience, but this is the most official of them), part time job at a burger joint junior year. I plan on continuing with all next year, and potentially adding tennis to the list.

My Awards: Most Improved award in Concert band 2017, Outstanding actor award x3 2017-2018, Honor roll second semester of sophomore year and first of junior year, academic excellence in AP US History, academic excellence in French, and, I will likely letter in band this year

My AP/Honors classes: Honors English both semesters of Freshman and Sophomore years (x4 Honors English), AP World history both semesters of sophomore year, AP US History both semesters of Junior year, and AP Language and composition both semesters of junior year.

I haven’t taken my SAT yet, but Khan gives me 4/4 stars in Reading/writing, and 2/4 in Math. I take my SAT in May.

Okay, there is my situation in a nutshell.
I am in state for Washington, and my first pick for college would be Western Washington University, with Washington State University being my second choice. I think I have a strong chance of admission at these schools, am I right?

I´m also curious about how I look for University of Puget Sound, Seattle University, and University of Washington?

I know that my cumulative is slightly below the first two, and well below the last one, but looking at my grade trend and most recent grades, do I have a better chance? Can I get in considering my GPA will (likely) have been above a 3.5 for the last three semesters?

I appreciate any insight available to me, thank you guys! I´m sorry about the length of this post, so thank you for reading it

Your good for Western Washington and Seattle. Those ones are pretty easy to get into. University of Washington is very selective. I know of a girl who had a 4.2 and a 28 on her ACT and was rejected. Washington State is very similar to University of Washington. It is a tier one research institute and it sounds like your a Washington resident so you will get instate tuition. You will also qualify for WUE at some out of state schools such as Boise State and University of Idaho. U of I is only 9 miles from Washington State, its right at the border. You can do a lot with a 3.4.

Thank you!!