How do my qualifications look? What can I do better?

<p>I'll be applying to UNC at the end of this year as a transfer student who's looking to go in to the J-school as a junior! I'd be coming from a community college in CA :) I just want some opinions from current students as to how my qualifications match up...thanks!</p>

<p>-3.7 cumulative GPA (I'm not a math person, so my GPA dropped a bit due to that)
-Spent last summer in Spain doing missions work
-Going to spend this summer in Mexico living/working at an orphanage that I have regularly volunteered with since my early teens
-I write a newsletter for a non-profit organization
-Regular volunteer at a "mission" in the inner city that helps feed the homeless
-Part time nanny for a child with special needs
-Primary daycare provider at my church
-Member of my college's honor society
-And I COULD be an honor scholar if I took a few more honors classes next semester, but I'm not sure I'd be able to swing it. But, I do have some honors classes.</p>

<p>North Carolina is my dream school, so I'm really hoping that students that go there (or anyone who has info on it) could let me know if I look up to par or not. I want to have the best chance at getting in. Thank you! :)</p>