HOW do people get a GOOD SCORE ON THE SAT???

I am an international student who attends university.

Looking to transfer to NYU with my GPA from my college.

Many people have told me to retake the SAT which I don’t get the purpose of it since I will complete my sophomore year with 3.88 GPA.

Now I do admit that I am not one of the smart students and not have fast thinking, but I try my best. (I’ve been sleeping just about 2 hours for the SAT this past 2~3 months, ■■■■)

The thing is my score is not improving!!! I got like 1100 on the first trial test and since then, like I said I studied hard to improve, my score never went up.

Reading and Math scores just make me want to pull the trigger on my head, though I am seeing an improved score on the writing section.

Like HOW ON EARTH STUDENTS GET 1500?! This really drives me crazy since I’ve been getting all A’s on my college years.

You should definitely be sleeping more! I feel like students are adopting this dangerous western culture of workaholism. You should seek to study efficiently by maximizing intensity within a given time. This means that you can study less for the SAT and get results. Not only does a lack of sleep deprive energy, but it’s vital for creativity and memory. If you aren’t truly engraving your learned knowledge into your brain, then the SAT becomes even more frustrating to study for as you tread through long nights and countless practice tests.

Thanks for the reply @barebonesprep.

The reason why I am not sleeping enough is that I don’t have much time left.

Because I have to submit my application by this coming fall and have to get a decent score on the SAT before then.
If the SAT isn’t required for you according to the website, and you can’t seem to improve to a level anywhere close to what is typical of NYU students, then why submit an SAT score?

I definitely understand your stress @SuDaTsunami.

I remember my junior year involved me coming home from football practice at 6, eating dinner, and then sleeping at 8pm. I would then wake up at 12am to study until school started. It was very unhealthy, but I can totally relate.

Hang in there! I hope you do well and get accepted as a transfer.

Verbal: Khan Academy + practice tests (I used the CollegeBoard book)
Math: DiagKNOWstics + practice tests (I used Barron’s)
Good luck!

YOU DON’T NEED A 1500 TO GET INTO THE BEST SCHOOL. Focus on other elements of your application, you are clearly showing admissions people that you can succeed in an academic environment and do well at their school. My friend was admitted as an undergrad to NYU with a similar GPA and a 1240 SAT. It’s definitely possible, and I would say more so for a transfer student. Don’t lose sleep over a test. I found that the more relaxed I was when I took the ACT, the more I improved-- even with less practice! I suggest just focusing on the sections that give you trouble, take a lot of practices while you still can, and take the test with less pressure on yourself. It’s going to be fine I promise. Sleep better, drink some tea, do some SAT sections, and stop comparing yourself to people literally in the 98th percentile. College Confidential is not the place to be if you are trying to find average people. Good luck!